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The wired headphones are a bit hard to handle for those who live an active lifestyle.

So if you are always traveling or doing a lot of physical activities, such as swimming or sports, then Bluetooth headphones are ideal ones for you to stay connected all the time to your calls and enjoy your favorite music. 

Wireless headphones have become very popular nowadays.

Many Bluetooth speakers are available with a variety of capabilities. 

There are numerous advantages and features, but you might become confused when choosing one. 

So you don’t have to struggle through this daunting task, we collected a list of the best Bluetooth earphones under 3000 INR. 

Continue reading to learn more about them in detail.

  • Bluetooth: v5.0
  • Playback Time: 15 Hours
  • Waterproof: Only Sweatproof
  • Driver Size: 12MM
  • Noise Cancellation: NA
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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Without a Sony WI-XB400, it is very difficult to find a neckband earphone that is punchy and deep.

In-ear headphones powered by Bluetooth have a bass connection for clearer, louder sound reproduction at low frequencies.

The little device is capable of running non-stop for up to 15 hours on a fully charged battery.

You can play your favorite track for over an hour with just ten minutes of charging time. 

Simply pair the earpiece with your smartphone or tablet devices and listen to high-definition music wirelessly. 

An in-built mic is also integrated within the earpiece. HD voice is delivered through the hands-free connectivity facility. The voice is clear and loud enough to be heard perfectly.

This magnetic design enables the headphones to be tangle-free and easy to handle for users who wish to listen. 


WI-XB400 is ultra-lightweight (21g) so you can take it anywhere without worrying about losing it. 

Google Voice Assistant is integrated in the model, and it can easily be operated via a single button.

SONY wireless headsets with 12 mm drivers provide immersive quality of music with great tone and bass. 

This earphones unit comes in a package which contains three earbuds, an instruction manual, and warranty papers.

This headset includes three operations buttons that let you manage the call receive and close, change the track, adjust the volume and use voice assistant without taking out your smartphone from your pocket or bag.


  • Powerful battery with 15 hours life
  • 60 minutes playtime with 10 minutes charging
  • 12mm driver for immersive audio output
  • Backed with in-built mic
  • Voice-assistant compatible model
  • Comfortable neckband style with magnetic buds
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20,000Hz


  • Noise cancellation is not that great but good

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  • Bluetooth: v4.2
  • Playback Time: 8 Hours
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Driver Size: 9MM
  • Noise Cancellation: NA
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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If you want the best possible listening experience, you should have the best equipment. 

JBL Endurance Jump is a great choice for you to match your expectation and take it to the next level. 

This highly efficient wireless headphone model features a long battery life of 8 hours and the Signature Sound of JBL.

The device requires only 10 minutes of charging to run for 60 minutes. 

You don’t want messy wires to ruin your workout, walk, or other activities. 

The tangle-free design and powerful Bluetooth technology make it so you can listen to whatever you want, wherever and whenever you want.

The hand-free calling feature enables you to stay focused on your work with this lightweight (56 gm) earpiece. 

JBL’s ear hooks provide a perfect fit for your ears. 

It automatically turns off when you take off the headset and powers on when you put it on.

The device’s FlexSoft™ and TwistLock™ technology ensure a stable, comfortable grip during activities and workouts. 

With IPX7 water and sweat-resistant technology, this durable and long-lasting earpiece can be worn freely in any weather condition.

You can manage your music and calls easily with this JBL Endurance Jump headphones touch control facility. 

It’s easy to play, pause, skip, and adjust the volume of your tracks with just one touch. 

The product is compatible with a wide range of wireless devices including a mobile phone, laptop, and tablet.


  • Comes with JBL signature sound effects
  • Long-lasting battery power with 8 hours of non-stop playtime
  • IPX7 waterproof model
  • Designed with PowerHook technology for better stability
  • Touch control facility includes
  • 20 x 6.10 x 17.50 cm dimensioned lightweight model
  • Deliver 60 minutes of playback with 10 minutes of charging
  • 20 kHz GSM frequency rate


  • The sound quality is good, not great

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  • Bluetooth: v5.0
  • Playback Time: 30 Hours
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Driver Size: 6MM
  • Noise Cancellation: NA
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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With the boAt Airdopes 44.1 TWS Earbuds, plug into your favorite records and enjoy them to the fullest. 

The IWP (Insta Wake & Pair) technology of this wireless headphone model delivers a better and smoother performance for its users. 

The smart fit feature of the unit and ergonomic design makes it attractive to buyers.

Bluetooth 5.0 enables seamless pairing and a maximum speed of the Airdopes 441 with your Bluetooth earbuds. 

An earpiece unit of this kind can play for 5 hours with a single charge thanks to its powerful battery composition. 

This device provides IPX6 water and sweat resistance, which allows you to take it anywhere in any conditions.

The 6mm X 2 driver paired with a 20Hz – 20kHz frequency allows the device to deliver better and more optimized immersive quality sound output. 

This long operating distance of 10 meters allows you to be active while listening to amazing music. 

During the performance one device has to be fully charged-up for around 1.5 hours.


Moreover, the boAt Airdopes 441 TWS wireless headset model consists of an ADC port with a Type C jack. This enables safe and secure charging for long-lasting and durable life 

This 35mAh battery will let you play the device for 25 hours with the charge cum carry case.

This device has dimensions of 7 x 3.8 x 3 cm and weighs only 50 grams (with a charging case). 

In the compact box of this device, you will find 1 unit of Airdopes, 1 charging case, 2 pairs of earbuds, 1 charging cable, an instruction manual, and warranty papers.


  • Comes with a connectivity option (Bluetooth v5.0)
  • Superior quality sound output
  • 6mm Drivers X 2 audio
  • IPX7 water and sweat resistant model
  • 5 hours long-lasting battery life
  • Backed with IWP technology
  • The ergonomic design fits perfectly


  • Noise cancelation does not properly work while riding
  • No onboard volume control

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  • Bluetooth: v5.0
  • Playback Time: 15 Hours
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Driver Size: 7MM
  • Noise Cancellation: Yes
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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With ENCO W31, the time has now come to unleash the musical power. 

I’ve found it to be the best True Wireless Earphones from OPPO. 

Through the dual musical modes of the device (Bass & Balance), it can provide them a great musical experience to keep their minds at ease whenever they need it. 

The models are 100% compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.

With the Binaural low-latency Bluetooth transmission system, you can enjoy lag-free video and music playback through this light device in your ears. 

The earpiece also has noise cancellation technology. 

This can clarify the calling voice even if the traffic is hectic and make it clear and louder.

These Lithium-Ion batteries make this device durable and effective, allowing it to work for up to 15 hours with only a single charge. 


This earphone model’s dimensions are 12 x 3.7 x 12 cm, and its weight is just 50 g (with the box). 

You can also use your track’s wear detection feature and play and pause them automatically. 

This feature can be used to stop the music when it is dislocated due to your earpiece and resume the track when it returns to its place.

OPPO’s IP54 water and dust resistant model features an anti-wind noise chamber and dual microphones to produce a deeper and clearer audio output. 

Usually, it gets fully charged after 2.5 hours. 

The intelligent touch control feature is another advanced feature of wireless headphones that enables you to skip tracks and make voice assistance use easy and effective.


  • Effective True-wireless headphones
  • True-wireless earphones and touch control support
  • Fast Bluetooth connectivity option for paring
  • Long 15 hours battery life in full charge condition
  • Backed with Bluetooth 5.0 (wireless range: 10 meters)
  • Bluetooth low latency dual transmission facility
  • Water and dust-free model
  • Superior quality sound output with double music mode


  • There is no volume control
  • Noise cancellation is ok not that great

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  • Bluetooth: v4.1
  • Playback Time: 6 Hours
  • Waterproof: Only Sweatproof
  • Driver Size: 8.2MM
  • Noise Cancellation: Yes
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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The new JBL Endurance Run BT Sports Headphones feature a dual-way flexible design that allows users to wear the device both ways (in-ear or behind-the-ear). 

TwistLockTM and FlexSoftTM technologies also provide stability during workouts or gaming sessions.

This gadget includes an IPX5 sweatproof and splash-proof feature so that users can utilize it in any weather condition without any fear. 

Strong and sturdy Bluetooth streaming is one of the best parts of this JBL device. 

A single charge of the powerful Lithium-Ion battery enables a long playtime of 6 hours.

The wireless earset comes with a built-in one-button remote that has a microphone that lets you go hands-free for phone calls. 

This feature will always help you maintain focus on your work. 

With Magnetic earbuds, you never have to worry about tangled cables.


To activate Voice Assistant functionality, press the play option twice, then you have Google Now or Siri ready to use. 

This is a lightweight headphone with a weight of just 1 gram, so you will find it very comfortable in your ears. 

The 8.2 mm driver delivers high-quality sound with better bass and tune.

This JBL model with a size of 3.6 x 9.5 x 16.1 cm was specifically designed for sports and fitness activities. 

The model is also Android and iOS compatible. It gets connected quickly with Bluetooth. 

This model comes with a headset microphone that improves the phone’s voice calling abilities by making the voice call clear and comfortable to hear.


  • Effective Fliphook design for in-ear or behind-the-ear use
  • IPX5 sweat-proof and splash-proof facility
  • Hands-free calls
  • Voice Assistant Integration
  • With a full charge, it gives 6 hours of playback.
  • Ultra light-weight headset with 1g of weight
  • Top-end wireless streaming connectivity option
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • No noise cancellation is present for audio calls

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  • Bluetooth: v5.0
  • Playback Time: 12 Hours
  • Waterproof: NA
  • Driver Size: 6MM
  • Noise Cancellation: Yes
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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In its UpBeat TAUT102BK True Wireless earbuds, Philips has provided users with the latest and most effective Bluetooth earbuds. 

Playback time for the device is 3 hours on a single charge, and 9 hours with its charging case. 

By using the device, we reduce the risk of wired headphones in our everyday life.

This Philips model comes with a built-in microphone and echoes cancellation system which enables the calling voice to be heard clearly and naturally.

A noise cancellation system will reduce all the outside noise to make the voice audio louder for you.

A TAUT102 model’s stylish look is one of its best features. 

It is very easy to keep one ear free by using the right earbud and leaving the other charging. 


This latest Bluetooth v5.0 device is made to work seamlessly with other digital devices including smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, and more.

The auto-pairing feature is also an important feature that allows you to automatically pair your device with the buds within seconds of taking them out of the charging case. 

Simply double press the button to start using the voice assistant service and answer questions using OK Google and Hey Siri.

The model’s dimensions are 3.6 x 5.3 x 2.7 cm and it is 29 grams in weight. 

The pair of earbuds comes in a small compact box. It contains one charging case (with two earbuds), one USB charging cable, 2 ear tips, a user guide or manual, and warranty documentation.


  • Backed with 6 mm neodymium acoustic drivers for better sound
  • 3 hours playtime support
  • Backed with Mono mode for one-ear use
  • Little design earphone model
  • Oval acoustic tube for noise cancellation system
  • Compatible with voice assistant service


  • Frequent Bluetooth connectivity issues
  • The charging case feels delicate

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  • Bluetooth: v5.0
  • Playback Time: 14 Hours
  • Waterproof: Only Sweatproof
  • Driver Size: 6MM
  • Noise Cancellation: Yes
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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Tune in with one of the best quality sound systems of boAt and enjoy your favorite soundtracks in a mesmerizing way. 

Airdopes 281 True Wireless Earphones can deliver great sound quality and can meet all your expectations. 

Its 6 mm Titanium alloy driver delivers excellent audio quality to its listeners.

The Bluetooth version 5.0 of this gadget offers excellent connectivity to other gadgets, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and music players. 

BoAt’s advanced audio coding technology makes handling this gadget easy for its users.

With an IPX5 rating, this product is water-resistant and has sweat-resistant features. 

In any weather conditions, you can use it for a workout or a walk. 

3.5 hours of playtime is supported by a powerful Lithium-ion battery in the earphone. 

The device can also be charged for an extra 14 hours by putting it on the charging case.


The Airdopes 281 True Wireless Ear-Buds have an elegant design that attracts the buyer’s attention by its looks. 

The 420 mAh carrying case enhances the power supply. 

With a touch control earphone, you can easily access this comfortable headphone. 

There are many controls you can utilize by pressing the volume button, skipping tracks, and activating the voice assistant.

 Now can I use the boAt Airdopes 281 with an iPhone 11? Yes, this model supports both Android and iOS operating systems.


  • 5 hours playtime in single charge condition
  • Instant Voice Assistant
  • Additional 14 hours playtime with charging case
  • Backed with 6mm Titanium drivers
  • Aesthetically designed earphone model
  • Backed with Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity
  • IPX5 rated product with sweat and water-resistant facility
  • Infused with Advanced Audio Coding technology for seamless audio bliss
  • Ergonomic design with Touch Controls
  • 1-year warranty


  • The sound quality is not the best but it is good.
  • Lack of volume control

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  • Bluetooth: v5.0
  • Playback Time: 20 Hours
  • Waterproof: Only Sweatproof
  • Driver Size: 13MM
  • Noise Cancellation: NA
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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Looking for the best wireless earbuds for android? Noise air buds TWS are a great choice with great features. 

In 2021, Go Noise is among the top five truly wireless brands. If you love the quality sound, definitely check out Noise air buds.

With Bluetooth v5.0 technology, wireless earbuds are capable of faster & easier pairing, as well as optimal power usage. 

You will never be weighed down by Noise airbuds TWS’s lightweight design weighing only 4.5 grams. 

Using better wireless range & stability, setting up your devices becomes much quicker & easier.

With IPX4 water-resistant rating, you can take it to the gym without worrying. 

Sports-compliant earbuds are protected from sweat or water splashes. Gonoise has added convenience with touch controls situated on the earbuds.

You can control the volume and play music through that, answer calls & use voice assistants.

Noise Air Bluetooth earbuds offer rich-in-class audio giving a great listening experience. 

With a 13mm speaker, this high-quality sound delivers HD sound for calls and music. 


Bass quality is also quite satisfactory for this price range due to crisp highs and clear mids, similar to neckband headphones.

The individual microphones make it possible to hear and be heard as well. 

Hands-free calls and meetings can be enjoyable with crystal clear, distortion-free audio on both ends.

You can also use the phone to access news, scores and give voice commands to voice assistants with just one touch.

Battery & charging are the two natural foundations of a good wireless earphone. 

It comes equipped with a charging case that provides 20 hours of continuous playtime. 

Playback time for Airbuds is up to four hours per single charge, and 16 hours with a charging case. 

One of its biggest advantages is that it supports charging via USB Type-C.


  • Truly wireless earbuds with BT v5.0
  • Easy pairing, good range & stable connectivity
  • Lightweight design with comfort
  • IPX4 rated waterproof & splashproof
  • Smart touch controls for music & call management
  • Rich, HD sound for music & calls
  • Distortion-free hands-free calls
  • Excellent bass with 13mm speaker driver
  • Voice assistant support
  • Compact power case gives up to 20h playtime in total
  • Earbuds give 4 hours of playtime per charge cycle
  • USB Type-C charging
  • Warranty: 1 Year


  • Old IPX4 rating (could be IPX5)
  • Noise cancellation

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  • Bluetooth: v4.1
  • Playback Time: 6 Hours
  • Waterproof: NA
  • Driver Size: 8MM
  • Noise Cancellation: Yes
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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Sennheiser stands out in the audio company for its mastery of high fidelity equipment all across the globe.

At present, the CX 120BT neckband Bluetooth earphone from Sennheiser is available in the Indian market for a price of approximately Rs.2,990.

Honestly, this wireless earphone looks quite a bit outdated in comparison to the other products on this list.

The CX 120BT is a classic Sennheiser product known for its practicality rather than for its looks, and the same can be said for other Sennheiser products.

The lightweight neckband with wires is ideal for wearing around your neck. You will hardly notice the presence of the earphone inside your ears.

A neckband is integrated with remote control at either end of a battery pack for optimal weight management.

With the silicone eartips, the earpiece fits comfortably inside the ear canal, delivering a wonderful auditory experience.

It offers a great sound output quality with natural bass notes and crisp vocals accompanied by clean trebles.

It’s Sennheiser CX 120BT wireless headset supports the Qualcomm AptX technology, which offers superior wireless audio quality with compatible devices.

The inline three-button remote control is easy to operate thanks to its tactile buttons and good responsiveness.

The secure in-ear fit of these earphones also provides passive noise isolation, which is particularly beneficial indoors.

The MEMS microphone has minimal distortion during calls, and its sound quality remains good indoors and average outdoors.

Sennheiser claims the wireless earphone will provide up to six hours of music playback on a single full charge.

Depending on the volume, you should get anywhere between 6-7 hours when using this device.

If you are looking for Sennheiser’s signature balanced audio and don’t care about the battery life, the CX 120BT is a decent option at this price range.


  • Bluetooth 4.1 technology
  • Lightweight and comfortable fit
  • High-quality audio with aptX and SBC codec support
  • Dedicated volume control buttons
  • Decent MEMS microphone
  • 6 hours of battery life
  • 2 Years Warranty


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  • Bluetooth: v5.0
  • Playback Time: 15 Hours
  • Waterproof: NA
  • Driver Size: 9MM
  • Noise Cancellation: NA
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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The Sony WI-C310 wireless earphone is the best-buy wireless earphone on the market today, thanks to its long-lasting battery inside.

This earphone is available in a variety of colors, making it a very attractive pair of earphones for under 3,000 rupees.

In its thoughtfully engineered design, the Sony WI-C310 ensures maximum wearing comfort for its user while not compromising on its primary function of producing excellent music output.

The flat rubber-connected cable is very flexible and does not result in any skin rashes or allergic reactions.

The battery and the inline remote have separate placements along the cable for better weight management.

These flat wires will not intertwine no matter how securely you pack this earphone in your bag or pocket.

Overall, the build quality of the Sony WI-C310 is great for its cost and the device feels robust for daily use for years to come without any damage.

A 9mm neodymium speaker driver features within the Sony WI-C310, delivering crisp, clean vocals along with bass-rich sound output.

There is a good balance between bass, treble, and vocals, resulting in a better listening experience.

Bass lovers will also enjoy the depth of this product because the bass notes aren’t too loud and do not overshadow the other tones within the song.


The Sony WI-C310 comes with a high-quality inbuilt remote control consisting of three buttons for controlling functions.

These buttons are the track control, as well as the call accept/reject buttons. They are responsive, clicky, and provide excellent tactile feedback when pressed.

With regards to connectivity, the Sony WI-C310 provides Bluetooth v5.0.

When compared to its competitors, the Sony WI-C310 offers almost double the battery life. 

The battery is rated for up to 15 hours of continuous music listening on a moderate volume level.


  • Clean and crisp sound quality
  • Up to 15 hours of battery life
  • Inbuilt mic for voice calls
  • Flat, tangle-free wire
  • Comfortable and lightweight design
  • Voice assistant integration

Conclusion | Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 2500 Rs

It is possible to go through the entire list above with their important features. These features will help you understand each device better. 

Based on the information provided within the article, you will be able to choose the Bluetooth earphones that suit you best. 

The best choice is earphones with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, but 4.1 is also a good choice.

If you want to use an earphone for sports then you should choose one with water resistance. Most of the earphones listed above are water-resistant, except for two. So, start choosing your favorite earphones now.

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