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The craze of online gaming is growing, and it is becoming more and more popular. 

It does not matter if it is online video gaming on mobile devices, PCs, or consoles; the sound is vital to every aspect of the experience. 

We need high-quality gaming headphones or gaming headsets for the best sound quality as well as a strong microphone to ensure that we can talk clearly with our teammates.

Several factors should be considered when buying gaming headphones. 

Compatibility, comfort, sound quality, microphone, and budget are those factors to consider. 

Playing games is usually an extended activity, so comfort is important.

In this article, We have listed the best gaming headphones under 10000 Rs in India. Check out these gaming headphones if you have the budget.

7 Best Gaming Headphones Under 10000 Rs

  • Driver: 50mm
  • Weight: 410 g
  • Microphone: Yes
  • LED Lighting: N/A
  • Connector Type: Wired
  • Noise cancellation: Yes
  • Compatibility: PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and mobile

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There is no doubt that the Razer Kraken gaming headphones are among the best. 

The headphones come with a USB audio controller that allows convenient control of the audio output. 

It is a good headphone for those wanting to experience a powerful sound experience.

(DAC) Digital Analog Converter is a special feature found in Razer Gaming headphones. 

Additionally, it will enhance the clarity and crispness of the sound. 

Without a doubt! There is an option in this headphone that gives you a boost while playing games.

In the game, you have probably noticed that you’ve got the Game Chat option. 

During the game, the sound of the game dominates much, so it is hard to hear your teammate or friend. 

Nevertheless, enabling the game chat option allows you to hear your teammate clearly without any single problem.

Choose these headphones if you are looking for gaming headphones that will enhance your overall gaming experience. 

These headphones won’t disappoint you.

Under the 10000 price range, this is one of the best gaming headphones available. 

We have placed this gaming headphone at the top of our list of the best gaming headphones under 10000 due to its superior gaming performance.


  • Audio controller for USB
  • Drivers with a 50 mm tuning
  • Game/Chat Balance
  • THX Spatial Audio
  • Compatibility Across Platforms
  • The ergonomic design provides long-lasting comfort


  • There are no negative points to this headphone

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  • Driver: 40mm
  • Weight: ‎363 g
  • Microphone: Yes
  • LED Lighting: Yes
  • Connector Type: Wired
  • Noise cancellation: Yes
  • Compatibility: PC Mobile, Playstation 4

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SteelSeries Arctis 5 Illuminated Gaming Headset is a gaming headset that offers premium microphone quality. 

It offers crisp, studio-quality vocals and ambient noise cancellation, making it one of the best mics in gaming. 

There is no muffling or distortion because it retracts completely.

A super-low distortion level accompanies the award-winning driver quality. 

You can adjust the volume between your PC and Mac gaming and chatting systems with the USB ChatMix dial. 

SteelSeries Engine software allows for fully customizable sound so that you can customize it to your exact preferences. 

For the most immersive gaming experience, the DTS Headphones support next-generation 2.0 surround technology for 360-degree audio immersion. 

With nearly zero distortion levels, the S1 drivers increase your competitive edge so you won’t miss any sound detail. 

One of the most comfortable gaming headsets is the SteelSeries Arctis 5 RGB Illuminated Gaming Headset, featuring an extremely comfortable ski goggle style suspension band that sits perfectly on your head and avoids pressure points. 

The ear cups have airwave cushions inspired by athletic performance fabrics to allow greater airflow and breathability. 

Even during the longest gaming sessions, your ears will remain cool and sweat-free.

The prism RGB illumination allows you to customize the gaming headset look to suit your style.

The SteelSeries Arctis 5 RGB Illuminated Gaming Headset is a top-ready choice for those looking for a high-quality, competition-ready gaming headset.


  • The sound quality is good
  • RGB illumination and chat controls
  • Comfortable and durable for long periods
  • Noise-canceling technology
  • Perfectly contoured elastic fabric


  • The length of the cord could be longer

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  • Driver: 53mm
  • Weight: 235 g
  • Microphone: Yes
  • LED Lighting: N/A
  • Connector Type: Wired
  • Noise cancellation: Yes
  • Compatibility: PC,Xbox One,PS4

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HyperX Cloud II is the best gaming headphone under 10,000 Rs in India.

Gaming headset HyperX Cloud II Pro allows you to feel every gaming beat and pulse. 

This gaming headset is stylish yet affordable and is perfect for gamers who want a stylish headset with a comfortable fit. 

The Hyperx Cloud II product is a product of the Hyperx brand. This is a Wired headphone and connects to many devices via a 3.5MM, USB jack. 

There is a 1-meter extension cable on the headphone. This headset is a solid choice within the budget range given that it is best suited for gaming. 

Multi-device compatibility includes PCs, notebooks, tablets, iPhones, and Xbox One consoles. 

Are you planning a trip and want to keep your headset scratch-free? With the travel pouch that comes with it, you can carry all of your headset accessories.

With HyperX Cloud II Pro Gaming Headset you’ll enjoy quality conversing thanks to the integrated noise-canceling mic.

Since the microphone is detachable, you can remove it whenever you want to listen to music or carry it around with you. 

With memory foam ear cups, it provides an incredibly comfortable gaming experience during longer gaming sessions. 

Additionally, they can be interchanged for multiple sound and texture options. 

With its aluminum frame, this headset provides you with long-lasting gaming comfort.

HyperX Cloud II Pro Gaming Headset provides exceptional audio quality that is in keeping with the gaming environment. 

53 mm directional drivers give you full immersion while a closed-cup design blocks out every background noise so you can focus only on the game. 

You get their outstanding sound quality with their high, medium, and low tones along with enhanced bass.

With a frequency range of 15 Hz-25KHz, Hyperx Cloud II Red is a Virtual 7.1 Surround Headset. 

235g of weight makes this headset ideal for playing games for a long time. The manufacturer provides a two-year warranty on this product. 

These headphones feature some of the most comfortable earcups in the budget range, making them the ideal choice for purchase.


  • USB Sound Card Premium
  • Virtual Surround Sound 7.1
  • Optimized for pro gamers
  • Outstanding audio quality
  • Digitally Enhanced Microphone
  • TeamSpeak Certified
  • Comfortable memory foam


  • There is no LED lighting available

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  • Driver: 50mm
  • Weight: ‎363 g
  • Microphone: Yes
  • LED Lighting: N/A
  • Connector Type: Wired
  • Noise cancellation: Yes
  • Compatibility: PC, Mac, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, & Nintendo Switch

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Gaming enthusiasts who are looking for great sound quality and comfort will appreciate the new Sennheiser GSP 300.

You can also check out the EPOS Sennheiser GSP 300 if you are looking for the best gaming headphones under Rs 10000 that deliver a real gaming experience.

The Sennheiser GSP 300 headphones are highly lightweight due to their plastic construction.

Even though the headband adjusting mechanism seems clunky, it works efficiently and, when used together with all the learning features, it is extremely comfortable.

Leatherette covers the pads of the headphones, which are quite convenient for setting a seal around the ears. 

Unfortunately, gamers who wear eyeglasses will not find it comfortable, and Sennheiser also doesn’t sell velour replacements, which could be a deterrent for many.

In gaming headsets, you’ll find 50mm neodymium drivers that produce bass-boosted boom sounds. 

They include an adjustable mic that makes the voice chat in gaming sessions crystal clear.

Its outstanding sound quality and comfort make it perfect for long gaming sessions. 

The microphone is connected to the headset and mutes when it is flipped up (a click will be heard when you do this).

There is no doubt that the Sennheiser GSP 300 is an outstanding gaming headset.

With prices under Rs 10000, they are probably the most impressive gaming headphones available right now.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Split headband with adjustable ergonomics
  • Soft, comfortable memory foam earpads
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • It’s very easy to control the volume


  • During summers, sweat is difficult to manage

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  • Driver: 50mm
  • Weight: ‎319 g
  • Microphone: Yes
  • LED Lighting: N/A
  • Connector Type: Wired
  • Noise cancellation: Yes
  • Compatibility: PC, Xbox Series X & S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch

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Gamers will find the Corsair HS60 headset an excellent choice because of its convenient design. 

The headphone ear cups are made from very soft memory foam, which provides a comfortable fit in your ears. 

It is a comfortable and durable product you can use for a long time without experiencing any pain.

Through its 7.1 surround sound feature, the headset offers the user a multi-channel audio experience that makes gaming a real-time experience. 

With its 50mm neodymium driver, the product offers a wide range for users to choose better object positioning. 

Noise-canceling, unidirectional microphones reduce ambient noise for a smooth experience with the headset.

Furthermore, the manufacturer ensured that the product is light, and the ear cups are made of plush memory foam so that it is comfortable to wear. 

Lightweight and durable aluminum yokes, and an audio cable with a braided design, combine to make the HS60 PRO a superbly constructed device.

In-ear cups have volume and mute controls, which keep the product from distracting while gaming. 

Additionally, the product is compatible with many platforms, such as PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox series, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch. 

Gold-plated, 3.5mm connectors are required to use the device across different platforms.


  • Stunning monochromatic build
  • Microphone is detachable
  • The ear cups are adjustable
  • 3.5mm audio jack connection
  • Compatible with various platforms

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  • Driver: 50mm
  • Weight: 599 g
  • Microphone: Yes
  • LED Lighting: Yes
  • Connector Type: Wired
  • Noise cancellation: Yes
  • Compatibility: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

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Creative Sound blasterx H6 gaming headset gives you virtual 7.1 surround sound and provides you with excellent sound quality.

Game players know that without the right sound, a stellar gaming experience is incomplete.

While playing games, it is essential to have sound effects, clear communication, and good music. 

The headset of choice must be of good quality, otherwise poor audio will ruin the experience. 

Creative has released a new product that is designed to elevate the gaming experience.

The design of this product is elegant and stylish. 

Mostly metal and plastic are used in the construction of the product, giving it a sleek, understated look that fits the profile of enthusiastic gamers. 

Due to the careful selection of the material, there are no unnecessary garish colors or chunky designs detestable to some gamers. 

Furthermore, the material chosen is sturdy and has a good weight. This makes sure that the headphones can withstand a rare accident. 

There is also a cushion in the cups, and it comes with a comfortable headband. LED bands outline the construction of the headphones on the outside. 

You can customize the lights via your computer.

There is no technology in the headset to effectively cut out external noise, but a thick layer of foam does an excellent job of blocking it. 

Cushioning and shape-molding of the cups also make them extremely comfortable to wear.

The gaming headset features 50mm neodymium drivers which generate loud and bass-enhanced booms. 

Furthermore, this headset has a detachable microphone, which allows it to double as both a headset and headphones if needed. 

You can connect it to a gaming controller with the help of a USB cable and a 3.5mm audio jack. A mic, ambient noise, and volume dial are located on the left ear cup. 

There are also EQ profile buttons that work with some games. Feel your experience with ease by customizing it. 

It’s fun to have RGB lights attached. With this headset, you will hear clear, high-quality audio. 

The sound is both deep and detailed, making it suitable for both gaming and music.


  • Well-balanced sound signature
  • Weight is light and balanced
  • Long-lasting comfort
  • Detachable mic
  • Earpads made of memory foam fabric
  • Clear voice communications with teammates
  • It’s easy to set up the software suite


  • It is huge(but lightweight)

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  • Driver: 50mm
  • Weight: ‎274 g
  • Microphone: Yes
  • LED Lighting: Yes
  • Connector Type: Wired
  • Noise cancellation: N/A
  • Compatibility: PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Switch, Mobile, Mac, and VR

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Harman International owns JBL and it is one of their many brands, such as AKG, Infinity, Bang & Olufsen, and others. 

The Quantum 400 belongs to JBL’s Quantum series of gaming headphones. Pricing in India for the JBL Quantum 400 is Rs.7,999. 

In terms of design, the JBL Quantum 400 looks strikingly similar to the Quantum 800. 

In terms of build quality, the ear cups of this gaming headphone feature a glossy plastic that is quite prone to fingerprint stains. 

Other parts of the headphone feature a matte finish. 

The JBL Quantum 400 is a comfortable pair of gaming headphones essential for a gaming headset. 

The fit of these headphones is quite secure, without feeling too tight. 

Plush cushions and faux leather earpads make these headphones look and feel premium. 

The ear cups are comfortable to wear since the ears fit snugly inside. 

Controls for audio playback are located on the left ear cup of the headphones. 

Changing the volume will require you to reach for them every time you need to, so it will take some time to get used to. 

These gaming headphones also feature RGB lighting, which can be found on the JBL logo on the earcups. 

Using gaming software, you can customize the lighting. 

Gaming headphones come with detachable USB cables. While the headphone does not come with a travel case, it is convenient for traveling.

JBL Quantum 400 headphones have 50mm drivers that deliver exceptional audio quality. 50mm drivers differ in their frequency range between 20Hz and 20kHz.

JBL QuantumEngine Software tweaks the headphones to produce extraordinary sound once the highs, lows, and mids are adjusted. 

You can customize the sound of the headphones using QuantumEngine Software.

This gaming headphone provides you with an amazing gaming experience using the JBL Quantum Sound Signature and JBL Quantum Surround features. 

For overall immersion, low-frequency audio is heard, such as footsteps and loud explosions. 

The headphone also comes with a flipped-up boom mic. 

It will be easy to communicate with players since the sound quality of the microphone is excellent. 

If you need a mid-range gaming headphone, then the JBL Quantum 400 is an excellent choice.

Both the audio quality and the comfortability of the headphones are excellent. Almost everything about the Quantum 400 is right on the mark.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • The flip-up microphone
  • An RGB lighting system
  • Easily detachable USB cable
  • Compatibility with different platforms
  • Memory foam ear cushions and a lightweight headband
  • Seamless communication with Game-Chat Dial

Above is the list of the Best Gaming Headphones under 10000 Rs in India.

We have created this list of the best gaming headphones under 10000 rupees using our reviews of many gaming headphones at this price point. 

As you can see, we have covered every important aspect for a gamer, such as comfortability, sound quality, flexibility, surround sound, and of course, cost. 

Below each headset, you can see the pros and cons section that will help you make a good decision.

Please share your experiences with gaming headphones by commenting below.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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