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Many things need to be considered when purchasing a soundbar, but this problem is amplified if it is your first purchase.

India has numerous companies that claim to be good, but not all of them offer good after-sales service and stable products.

For that reason, we are going to solve this problem by providing you with a soundbar buying guide.

We aim to provide information regarding Soundbars, their technologies, and their features.

If you are looking to buy a soundbar, but have many questions, then this will be helpful for you.

Soundbar And Its Need

In soundbars, many speakers are contained in a long rectangular tube. This device delivers sound that is clear and loud, qualities a TV cannot match.

No matter how expensive your TV is, its sound will still lack the clarity that a soundbar can provide.

Soundbars have many advantages, such as:

  • A fully immersive audio experience
  • Dialogue that is crisp and clear
  • Dolby Digital, Dolby Atmos, and other new sound technologies.
  • You do not need a high-end TV for good sound quality

TVs are becoming thinner and better in quality, but as a result of the smaller space for built-in speakers, their sound quality is decreasing.

In most cases, TV manufacturers are assuming that you will use a soundbar or home theater, so they don’t provide speakers that are capable of delivering enhanced sound.

For this reason, it is essential to get a good soundbar instead of relying on the inbuilt TV speaker to enjoy watching TV.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Soundbar

Decide Your Budget

Choose a soundbar depending on your budget, as the price of soundbars can reach more than 1 lakh rupees. The quality, features, and audio signature of a soundbar are based on its price. Furthermore, you can choose a soundbar according to your needs:

  • You can choose low-budget soundbars if you would like to increase the sound quality slightly. This kind of soundbar is cheap and can provide good results. There doesn’t have many features, but it performs‌ ‌better‌ ‌than‌ ‌the‌ ‌TV’s‌ ‌inbuilt‌ ‌speakers.
  • The high-end soundbars are the best option for people who don’t have the ace or budget to purchase a dedicated Home Theater. Dolby Digital, Dolby Atmos, DTS surround, and other technologies are usually available in soundbars. Also, the sound quality is further improved with the different modes for movies, sports, and games.

Installation size and location

Before buying a soundbar, make sure you know how long it is. A big and long soundbar in a small room will look awkward.

In addition to being located beneath your television, soundbars can be mounted on a wall or even placed in front of the television on a table.

Hence, knowing where to place the soundbar has an impact on the type you should get. Just set the soundbar on your TV table or platform and you’re ready to go.

Most soundbars come with a mounting kit which makes them very easy to install. Soundbars also come with sound bases, which are helpful when working with them.

Connectivity Options

Soundbars need to be compatible and connected to a range of other devices, including older TV sets, to ensure they can be used seamlessly. Check out these important connections:

HDMI ARC connection

Connecting to this network is simple and essential. If your TV has ARC, then you will be able to play your audio again. Soundbars with multiple channels are best suited to this type of connection.

Wireless connectivity

The soundbar is connected to a wireless connection option on your phone or tablet, so you can stream your music wirelessly. Wireless connections are available in two types:

Wi-Fi – WiFi soundbars offer the ability to connect to your internet connection so that you can place them anywhere and stream music (Spotify, Gaana, Soundcloud, Pandora, etc.) via your device.

Bluetooth – If you’re using a Bluetooth-enabled soundbar and device, then there’s no need for a wire since you can connect them quickly and easily. Streaming music through Bluetooth is possible from a wide variety of devices since many devices have Bluetooth today.

Optical port

Optical cables provide the most stable and reliable connection between your TV and the soundbar.

With this patch, you can connect almost any soundbar channel except for 5.1 reception over an easy, simple and reliable connection.

USB inputs

Inputs with USB ports are very useful, especially for updating firmware. This input is of no use because updates are installed by the software. It is only necessary if you choose physical plug-and-play connections.

Number of channels in the soundbar

Sound is generated in different places depending on how many channels there are. More speakers make the sound more realistic and deeper. 5 channel speakers are often considered to be the most ideal.

2 channel soundbars include left and right speakers.

3 channel soundbars provide 3 speakers situated center, right, and left.

A 5 channel soundbar has left, right, center, and two rear speakers to provide stereo and surround sound. This type of soundbar has been the standard for home theaters for the last 20 years.

7-channel soundbar: consists of 7 speakers. Soundbars of this type provide the same benefits as those of five channels, but they have one additional advantage.

With a 4 channel surround sound system and rear channel information, you get the best and newest sound standard.

Dolby Atmos soundbars: The most efficient and effective version of 5 or 7 channel soundbars, Dolby Atmos soundbars create a three-dimensional soundstage with upward-firing speakers located inside the soundbar.

For large spaces with reflective walls and flat ceilings, these soundbars are ideal.

Active or passive soundbars

There are passive and active soundbars available. Let’s look at each one individually.

Active soundbars

A soundbar with an integrated amplifier that controls everything – channels, processors, speakers, etc. It does not require speakers, a receiver, or extra wires to be plugged in. It is more convenient and flexible.

Passive soundbars

This means that the soundbars have no built-in amplifier and therefore require an amplifier or a receiver to work. Although the soundbar has great speakers, it is also quite expensive because of its quality. For this soundbar, a subwoofer may also be necessary.

You can choose active soundbars for only increasing the audio quality of your television, but passive soundbars give you more customization options and are more efficient to install.

In simple terms, these are external speakers that produce audio at low frequencies. Designed to create an immersive and full-range sound experience, they enable an immersive and full-room experience.

Wireless subwoofers can be located anywhere according to your preference.


Although many soundbars come with their own remotes, if you find that too many controls are annoying and have the appropriate TV and soundbar connections, your TV or cable remote can be programmed to control your soundbar.

Most soundbars also come with remote apps so you can control them with your smartphone or tablet. The remote or app for your soundbar is probably best if it has lots of features.

Soundbar or soundbase

It is common for soundbars to sit in front of your television or to be mounted directly below it if the television is mounted on a wall.

While sound bases look like flat pedestals, they are designed to be positioned directly on top of a television.

It is more likely that its thicker design will have bass drivers inside, so it won’t require a separate subwoofer. The unobtrusive design makes these perfect for placement scenarios where you have specific issues.

Best Soundbar Brands In India

There are countless brands in India which claim to have good soundbars, but only a few provide the highest quality and satisfactory after-sales service.

The purchase of a soundbar from a trusted brand is a good idea since a good brand always has a service center in the city that can assist if any technical problems arise.

Soundbars from Samsung, LG, Yamaha, Boat, Mi, Philips, JBL, Sony, Denon, Polk, and Bose are some of the best soundbars in India when it comes to customer service and quality.


Can I use a soundbar with other speakers?

Yes. If you want to connect your soundbar to other speakers, the specific steps will depend on a couple of factors, such as your soundbar model, your external speakers, and the device’s connectors. Short answer: it’s possible to connect a soundbar to other speakers, but it can be a  little complicated.

Is a 2.1 channel soundbar good?

A 2.1 soundbar allows you to hear the left and right channels of sound clearly. This is a very standard component of your sound system, and it won’t make a significant difference to the quality of your listening experience.

Subwoofers are not necessary for a soundbar to sound good. Although most soundbars come with multiple internal speakers that sound good on their own, a subwoofer can deliver low frequencies that others cannot.

Does it matter what size soundbar you get?

Soundbars don’t have to match your TV in size exactly, but they need to be similar or at least a few inches apart. Although a soundbar can be a bit smaller or bigger than your TV, You won’t get the best sound if it is too small.

Can I connect my smartphone to the soundbar?

Yes, the soundbar can be easily connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The first time you connect it, you just need to pair it.

Conclusion | Soundbar Buying Guide

There is no easy way to buy a good soundbar and you need to be knowledgeable about soundbars and related technologies.

We tried to provide you with the best soundbar buying guide in India that you can trust.

We have tried to include all the important points to consider so that you can choose the soundbar that suits your needs the best.

Make sure that you buy a soundbar from one of the brands that have been suggested by us so that you can enjoy a rich and high-quality audio experience at home.

Hopefully, this guide will help you in deciding which soundbar is best for your TV.

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