Best Home Theater Under 5000 Rs In India (2023)

Watching a movie or TV program is not complete without good audio. A person can enjoy a movie or song only if they can listen to its sound properly. 

Many people choose to watch movies in the cinema because of the excellent audio quality.

It is not necessary to go to the theater every time you want to listen to the same surround sound.

The home theater system was designed for music or movie lovers to enhance their experience. A good home theater will provide all the audio requirements of the customer.

If you are looking for the best home theater under 5000 Rs in India, you could use our list of available systems to help you make your final decision.

As we compiled this list, we have considered all of the top brands that produce great audio devices so you can get the best selection and variety.

Then, let’s pick out the best one for your house.

  • Power (RMS): ‎70W
  • Channel: 5.1
  • Weight: 5.4 kg
  • Remote: Yes
  • Room Size: Small
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX, & USB

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In 1997, Zebronics was founded and is a well-known brand in India that manufactures IT peripherals and multimedia speakers. 

You can get the best midrange speakers on the market with this Zebronics Home Theater speaker. 

Build quality has not been compromised by Zebronics. The minimalist design of the Home theater makes it appealing, even if it is not the most appealing design. 

Home theatres like this one are quite durable and suitable for long-term use. 

Including the subwoofer and satellite speakers, the device is 4.1 Kg in weight.

It is very easy for you to control your music with its easy-to-use controls like a dialer and button. 

This bright orange LED gives you a glance at volume and function.

Furthermore, the remote control will be responsive, which will let you rest and relax while you are on your couch.

It consists of a Subwoofer of 40 watts and 5 Satellite speakers of 6 watts, making a total output power (RMS) of 70 watts.

These speakers reproduce the sound of exceptional quality. When your speakers are installed in the right positions and directions, you can enjoy surround sound. 

Sound quality remains intact at higher volumes, and no distortion is noticeable. 

Although the sound volume may decrease slightly while using the Bluetooth connection, which is negligent compared to the AUX output.

Those who prefer bass may not be satisfied with this, but regular users will be.

The device comes with FM capability, which allows you to choose the stations you want to listen to. The remote control is also available for controlling channels.

Using a smartphone or Pendrive with Bluetooth or USB support, you can listen to music from these devices.

Aux cables can be used to connect supported devices to improve the quality of audio.

Additionally, having an SD card slot is useful if anyone still uses those memory chips.


  • Good design and build quality
  • Outstanding sound quality
  • FM support
  • Easy to set up
  • Multi-connection options
  • Each speaker can be individually increased in volume
  • 1-year warranty


  • The speaker has short wires

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  • Power (RMS): 38W
  • Channel: 4.1
  • Weight: ‎6.7 kg
  • Remote: Yes
  • Room Size: Small
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, AUX, SD card slot, FM, &RCA

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Phillips is a big name in consumer electronics across the entire globe. Their product offering ranges from hand trimmers to LED lights.

The Philips SPA8140B is a no-frills home theater system available in India at an affordable price of Rs.5,000.

Philips SPA8140B is not the most attractive home theater on the market. Sincerely, the design is quite bland.

Those who prefer a minimalist color scheme of orange and black might enjoy it, but not all of them.

Although the build quality appears reasonable, every component feels well-made and crafted to last.

For volume, track, and FM station information, a LED display hides behind the mesh textured grille on the front of the subwoofer.

Like the Zebronics BT4440, the Philips SPA8140B is a 4.1-channel home theatre system.

The sound output power of this home theatre system is 38W, adequate for small-sized rooms or offices.

Featuring four-component speakers as well as a quarter-inch subwoofer, this system produces bass-rich sound.

Audiophiles are certain to enjoy the high-quality sound output of this home theatre system from Philips, which is certainly one of the best in the industry.

It is clear that the instrument stage is separated precisely and that lower and high-end notes do not overlap, resulting in a much cleaner sound.

For connectivity, it is equipped with Bluetooth, SD card, FM radio, USB port, aux-in port, RCA cable, and SD card slot.

You can control the bass level in the sound with the knob on the back of the subwoofer.

This speaker does not have any other manual controls, so you will have to use the remote control that comes with it.

Under Rs.5,000, Philips’ SPA8140B is a 4.1 home theater system branded under its own brand.

This affordable, performance-driven home theatre system offers exceptional sound quality and crisp vocals.


  • Strong build quality
  • Remote control with multi-functions
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Sound output with excellent instrument separation
  • There are many connectivity options
  • Bluetooth wireless streaming
  • Aux-in port

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  • Power (RMS): 100W
  • Channel: 2.1
  • Weight: ‎705 g
  • Remote: Yes
  • Room Size: Small
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth,USB, AUX, & RCA

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According to the company’s website, Infinity is an audio device company owned by Samsung.

Hardrock 210 is an entry-level 2.1 speaker system, with a price of around Rs.5,000 in India.

There are many different speaker setups available today, but the Hardrock 210 2.1 speaker setup looks no different. 

This main subwoofer system accompanied by two satellites seems quite decent.

It is made from hard wooden cardboard and has a metal grille on the front side. A plastic casing surrounds the metal grille to further enhance the aesthetic appeal.

In addition to the subwoofer setup and surrounding decor, the satellite speaker boxes are designed to stand tall and blend seamlessly into the room.

The subwoofer box comes with media control buttons located on its right side, as well as a USB port for connecting pen drives and other media storage devices.

In the rear, the I/O ports and power outlets are located. 

The Hardrock 210 2.1 speaker system is equipped with connectivity features such as Bluetooth,  USB, RCA-to-AUX inputs.

Music can easily fill a medium-sized room with the Hardrock 210, which can generate a maximum peak power of 100W. 

Satellites have 3.5″ units inside while subwoofers come with 6.5″ units. 

It has a predominantly bass-heavy sound signature. Additionally, high-end treble notes and vocals are both quite audible. 

Bass can sometimes overpower vocals, especially in EDM and jazz. 

There is no disappointment whatsoever when it comes to the loudness of these speakers. 

Blue LED lights surround the Subwoofer speaker, which pulses when music is played.

Although this does not improve performance, it definitely adds a flashy look for those who want to go for a flashy setup.

An IR remote control comes with this budget-friendly 2.1 speaker system, so you can control the playback remotely. 

There are three preset sound modes on the Hardrock 210, namely movies, music, and gaming, from which you can choose. 

Additionally, the company provides an RCA to AUX cable that is suitable for hooking up these speakers to other devices, such as laptops and desktops. 

Among 2.1 speaker setups, the Hardrock 210 from Infinity is a good choice for those who want a no-frills option. 

This affordable speaker system offers decent sound output without sacrificing quality. It’s worth it for the price.


  • A feature-rich IR remote is included in the box
  • Easy to connect via Bluetooth or aux
  • Strobing blue LED lighting
  • Excellent sound quality
  • USB plug-and-play
  • Bluetooth streaming wirelessly
  • Preset equalizer modes


  • SD card slot and FM are not available

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  • Power (RMS): 45W
  • Channel: 5.1
  • Weight: ‎6.56 kg
  • Remote: Yes
  • Room Size: Medium
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, & AUX

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The iBell company is based out of Kerala, India. Specialized in entertainment and household appliances, they offer a wide range of products. 

Since 2007, they have become one of the most respected brands in India known for delivering quality products at an affordable price.

Although it is made locally, the Home theater looks appealing.

Subwoofers and satellite speakers are both made from solid, durable materials.

The home theater looks stylish in glossy black. The body’s curves and aggressiveness give it an elegant look. 

When the subwoofer is plugged in, a blue LED light appears.

Additionally, the iBell comes with an LCD screen that displays key features like Volume Levels,  Music Track, and Source. 

You can choose between 2.1 and 5.1 Audio channels with this device. 

With the dedicated remote control, you can easily switch between tracks and FM channels. 

Overall, the device reproduces sound nicely. The device produces 45 Watts of audio output. 

This home theater includes five satellite speakers of 2.5 inches each, as well as a 5.25-inch subwoofer. 

You can experience clear and crisp audio quality when you connect via AUX or Bluetooth. 

In addition to being a 5.1 Multimedia device, it can also be used as a 2.1 speaker as needed. 

The speakers do a good job even though they can’t deliver a punchy bass.

The home theater system is one of the best available in India at this price point. Sound quality and bass can be further enhanced for iBELL to be competitive in this segment. 

Similarly, this speaker also comes with a lot of connectivity features, as do many speakers in this price range. 

With the Bluetooth feature, you can connect Bluetooth-enabled devices such as Laptops, Smartphones. 

While the AUX options allow you to connect your home theatre to your television when required. 

A USB port and an SD card slot are included on the iBell Home theatre to support wireless music playback.


  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Awesome build quality
  • Quick and easy to connect
  • Remote control with full functionality


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  • Power (RMS): 40W
  • Channel: 2.1
  • Weight: ‎2.4 kg
  • Remote: Yes
  • Room Size: Medium and large
  • Connectivity: USB & AUX

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LG, a multi-national consumer electronics company based in South Korea, is well known among Indians for its great reputation. 

LG offers high-quality devices at a great value for money, which leads to excellent customer feedback and response. 

The portable and durable design of home theaters makes them easy to move around and place in any corner of the room. The device only weighs 2.4 kg.

With a stylish design and solid build quality, the LK72B is great. The speaker looks attractive and sporty with its black and red colors.

At the top of the front are the buttons, right below the LED display.

Moreover, LG provides an amazing remote control that allows the user to navigate through the features and perform certain actions. 

Bass levels are also controlled separately by the remote. 

LK72B is a home theatre with 2.1 channels that provides 40W of power for high-quality sound. 

You can enjoy clearer vocals and deeper bass with Bass Blast +. 

You can adjust the sound using the Advanced EQ according to your preferences. The bass is high pitched and the treble is well balanced. 

In the Indian market, these are among the most affordable and valuable Home theatre systems. 

The Bluetooth technology on this device allows users to enjoy wireless music. 

You can even wall-mount the speakers on the wall near the TV, so you can have a dedicated space for them on the wall. 

Further, this Device comes with Auto Power Down functionality, meaning it will automatically turn off after 15 minutes of not being used.

You can also connect Laptop, Ipad, Smartphone with an AUX cable. A USB port and SD card slots are also available to the users for wireless music streaming.


  • Outstanding audio quality
  • Great build quality
  • Design Language
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Connect easily
  • Mountable on a wall
  • Power down automatically


  • There is no RCA-AUX cable included

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  • Power (RMS): 65W
  • Channel: 4.1
  • Weight: 11.9 kg
  • Remote: Yes
  • Room Size: Less than 175 sq. ft.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, SD card, RCA & AUX

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OBAGE is an Indian company that specializes in tower speaker systems with affordable price tags. 

With a power output of 65W, the HT-101 is an affordable 4.1 home theater speaker system from Obage.

With no curves or aggressive lines on its body, the Obage HT-101 is a simple, minimalist design.

These square block speakers have wooden exteriors, MDF (medium density fiber) cabinets, and metal grills.

In terms of quality, it is well constructed and uses high-quality materials. 

This cabinet, which also houses the media control panel, has a one-line digital LED display and buttons.

This speaker is suitable for placement close to a wall, as its output port is on the subwoofer’s side.

Four plastic holders are attached to the bottom of the subwoofer and the speakers in order to minimize sound transmission loss.

Four satellite speakers and a subwoofer are included with the Obage HT-101, as we have already pointed out.

Together, the 6.5-inch subwoofer and four 3-inch speakers produce 65W of sound.

This home theater speaker system features a rich bass output, as well as clear mids and highs. 

There are knobs on the back of the subwoofer cabinet that allow you to manually adjust the bass, treble, and volume.

Even with 100% volume, there is some distortion, but this is to be expected with speakers of this budget.

There are many connectivity options available on this home theatre speaker system including Bluetooth, USB, FM Radio, SD Card, AUX-in, and RCA

Obage HT-101 is suitable for rooms measuring up to 175 square feet. Before purchasing a home theatre speaker system, it’s a good idea to plan its placement.

Understanding the requirements will allow you to make an informed purchase decision.

HT-101 is a high-performance 4.1 home theatre speaker that produces 65W of sound.

For its price under Rs.5,000, this speaker system impresses with its strong connectivity options and quality build.


  • Bass, treble controls are manually adjustable
  • Good build quality
  • Digital LED display
  • Bass is outstanding
  • Well-balanced audio output
  • Connectivity with Bluetooth is excellent


  • At maximum volume, there is a slight distortion

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  • Power (RMS): 70W
  • Channel: 5.1
  • Weight: 4.9 kg
  • Remote: Yes
  • Room Size: Medium
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, SD card

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Kerala-based Impex is a popular brand of home appliances in India that makes budget TVs and home theatre systems.

With a price of under Rs.4,000, the Impex Lyric 5.1 home theatre speaker system offers no-nonsense audio.

In terms of design, the Impex Lyric has a fairly bland look that not many people enjoy. It seems that Impex has placed more emphasis on practicality in this device than aesthetics.

In terms of construction quality, it’s great. 

There is a single-line LED display on the subwoofer cabinet, as well as a rounded button cluster with questionable build quality.

Speakers are completely exposed without any protection. If you have children at home, you should keep this in mind.

This speaker system is 5.1 channel. This system consists of five satellite speakers and a subwoofer, which together produce 70W total.

Satellite speakers can create a partial surround sound environment if they are positioned strategically around the room.

Its subwoofer unit delivers extremely powerful bass. Additionally, the vocals and high notes are clearly audible through the satellite speakers.

The volume level of this budget-friendly system is sufficient to fill medium-sized rooms and halls.

At high volumes, distortions are minimal and do not affect playback quality.

There are so many connectivity options with this home theatre speaker system: Bluetooth, USB, AUX-in, SD card, FM, and RCA.

This speaker comes with a full-featured remote control that lets you operate the music and sound attributes from a distance.

The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on this home theatre speaker system. 

While listening to music from different genres, the system comes with preset sound equalizers that can be adjusted to the user’s preferences.

Impex Lyric home theater speaker systems are among the cheapest systems available in the Indian market.

These affordable 5.1 speakers are a fantastic value for money for people who want surround sound without burning a hole in their wallet.


  • Good audio output quality
  • Remote control with full functionality
  • Equalizer modes with presets
  • Decent bass
  • Warranty of one year


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  • Power (RMS): 42W
  • Channel: 2.1
  • Weight: 3.4 kg
  • Remote: Yes
  • Room Size: Small
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, FM, & AUX

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F&D is internationally known as a provider of high-quality speakers and sound systems.

For less than Rs.3000, F&D offers its A180X 2.1 home theatre system with unmatched audio quality.

The F&D A180X’s exterior design features aggressive sharp lines that are arranged in triangles to cover the entire front face.

This construction is made of hard plastic, which seems to be very durable.

An orange LED display and a few control buttons are located on top of the subwoofer’s triangular cutout in the front.

On the right side of the subwoofer, there are all of the input and output ports.

As we have already mentioned, F&D is a brand renowned for its quality speakers. The main reason for this is the quality of the speakers.

In the same way, the A180X home theater system performs well too. There are two normal speakers as well as a subwoofer, which makes it a 2.1 system.

Interestingly, this speaker setup can produce 65W of sound power. This is more than most 4.1 systems. 

It has a very clean and crisp sound without any distortion. The bass notes do not overpower the vocals or treble notes.

As one of the versatile products in the market, the F&D A180X comes with all the features you need for a home theater installation, including an FM radio tuner and USB port.

Furthermore, this 2.1 home theatre setup comes with Bluetooth connectivity for connecting your smartphone and television wirelessly.

In the under Rs.3,000 price range, the F&D A180X offers the best value for money if you enjoy natural bass.

You cannot get a better subwoofer at this price. It’s equipped with Bluetooth, FM radio, and a USB port to make it an excellent choice.


  • Design with a unique feel
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Digital LED display
  • Bass is awesome
  • A side-mounted port is easy to access
  • Bluetooth wireless connection


  • There are no wall mounting brackets

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  • Power (RMS): 60W
  • Channel: 4.1
  • Weight: 4.55 kg
  • Remote: Yes
  • Room Size: Small
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, FM, & AUX

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It is an Indian tech company, and if you want to invest in Indian technology, you can buy its products. 

The Intex IT-301 FMUB speaker set costs 3200 rupees and delivers 60 Watts.

The 4.1 channel system consists of four satellite speakers and one subwoofer. Place them according to the instructions to get the best sound experience. 

They are small enough to be mounted on walls so they will fit within a  room. If you do this, then you will definitely‌ ‌experience‌ ‌the‌ ‌cinematic‌ ‌experience.

All of its controls are located on the woofer itself. Bass and treble volume levels can be easily adjusted with their sound. 

You won’t need any assistance in this regard since all the controls are intuitive.

Those of us who love an FM radio will appreciate this device’s inbuilt FM radio. Music, news, and more are available and It works like a charm. 

There are alternative Bluetooth speakers within the same price range if you don’t like this system.

Almost any device can be used with this home theater. You can connect old TVs, LEDs, computers, laptops, smartphones, and iPads with this device.

Warranty after purchase of this product is one year.


  • Wall-mounted speakers are available
  • Premium Sound Quality
  • Easy to use and durable
  • FM radio is available
  • You listen out loud
  • Warranty of 1 year


  • It just seems so old-fashioned and dull

Conclusion | Best Home Theater Under 5000 Rs

We have listed above the best home theater under 5000 Rs in India. The models in this list offer excellent quality and are priced very reasonably. 

You can listen to the most popular audio formats with these home theaters and enjoy movies with a truly cinematic experience at home. 

This article will help you gain a deeper understanding of home theater systems. It was written in the hope that it would make your work easier.

Feel free to share any doubts you have regarding this article in the comments section below.

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