Best Wireless Headphones Under 2000 Rs In India (2023)

Technology and gadgets have become a part of our lives. Everyone needs to have headphones and earphones, especially for game players and streamers. 

Since 1910, headphones have become an integral part of everyone’s lives. 

Using headphones will make you feel like escaping from the outside world, and just lose yourself in your own zone.

Several types of headphones are available today that can be used according to our needs and requirements. 

However, you need to consider what kind of headphones are most suitable for you. We tried our best to answer all your questions that may arise at the time of purchase.

Below are our top choices for the best wireless headphones under 2000 In India 2021.

  • Bluetooth: v5.0
  • Playback Time: 20 Hours
  • Waterproof: N/A
  • Driver Size: 32MM
  • Noise Cancellation: N/A
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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A sub-brand of JBL, the Infinity Glide 500 is a wireless headphone. This is one of the best JBL wireless over-ear headphones under 2000.

The headphones deliver excellent sound quality, a solid headband, soft cushions on soft ear cups, and a lot of flex. 

It is possible to stretch out the headband to make it quite large and it doesn’t have any cushioning on the headband. 

Three colors, black, blue, and red, are available on the Infinity headphones. 

In terms of the drivers, they are 32 mm. One and a half to two hours are needed to charge a 200mAh battery. 


Speed charging is also in place on the headphones in 10 minutes. On a single charge, Infinity Glide 500 lasts for about 18 – 20 hours.

With the headphones, voice assistants work directly on the headphones, so if you’re using Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa; they will work fine on them. 

It comes inbuilt with a microphone that lets you make calls from the headphones.

These headphones have a great amount of bass and have an overall balanced sound profile as well.


  • Smartphone app to control many features 
  • Audio streaming supported
  • The Bluetooth 4.2 standard
  • 20 hours Music Playtime
  • Foldable and Lightweight Design
  • Dual Equalizer
  • Deep Bass
  • Sleek design


  • Intense base- sound quality decreases

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  • Bluetooth: v4.2
  • Playback Time: 6 Hours
  • Waterproof: N/A
  • Driver Size: 40MM
  • Noise Cancellation: N/A
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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The gold color of the iBall Decibel looks stunning. A subtle black color option is also available, as well as a blue and silver option. 

With quite a lot of color options here, depending on what color profile you like you can buy them for under Rs. 1000.

They are comfortable for extended use since they have soft ear cups and an elastic headband. They’re also very flexible and fold flat to make transporting them easy. 

If you’re someone who wants to listen to audio over a cable, they have a 3.5 mm headphone jack as well.

It contains FM radio, so it could be the best wireless headphones for someone who likes to listen to FM radio.


iBall decibel is Alexa-enabled, just like the previous versions of the headphones, so if you have Google Assistant or Alexa, you can connect them to the iBall Decibel.

With regards to their sound profile, the headphones sound great. 

They can be distorted a little bit at maximum volume, but at one step down, they sound incredible. For the price, this product provides good bass and mid-range.

With iBall Decibel, you can listen to music for 8 to 10 hours in battery life. This will depend on how you choose to listen to it.


  • An Alexa integration
  • Long-lasting comfort
  • Wire-free as well
  • The FM Radio
  • Playback time of 6 hours
  • Amazingly rich sound
  • Easy connectivity


  • Average bass quality
  • No noise cancellation

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  • Bluetooth: v4.1
  • Playback Time: 20 Hours
  • Waterproof: N/A
  • Driver Size: 40MM
  • Noise Cancellation: N/A
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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Upon first glance, you may notice the design of the boAt Rockerz 600 wireless headphones. 

A square-shaped ear cup set in brown color looks elegant with a silver frame. 

There are controls on the right ear cup so calls and music can be handled seamlessly, including the in-built mic. 

Also on the bottom of the ear cup is the charging port along with the 3.5mm audio jack.

A faux leather headband, padded faux-leather ear cups, and cushioned ear pads make the boAt Rockerz 600 headphones super comfortable to listen to. 

This pair of headphones deliver up to 20 hours of playback thanks to a rechargeable 450 mAh Li-Polymer battery.

The powerful and clear bass of the boAt Rockerz 600 Bluetooth headphones produces HD sound quality where it is hard to find in headphones of this kind. 


A perfect sound signature is achieved in mids, lows, and highs among other elements. 

Those who prefer lots of basses can go for the JBL Glide, while those who prefer FM radio can get the iBall Decibel. 

Go for Motorola Escape if you wish to get a flat sound you can easily tweak it with an equalizer. 

The boAt headphones are your way to go if you want to connect your headphones to a computer or smartphone to increase the audio.


  • Elegant ergonomic design 
  • Touch-based control panel
  • Crystal clear audio quality 
  • Value for money
  • Passive noise cancellation
  • Up to 20H Playtime
  • 1-year warranty


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  • Bluetooth: v5.0
  • Playback Time: 20 Hours
  • Waterproof: N/A
  • Driver Size: 40MM
  • Noise Cancellation: N/A
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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The super bass wireless headphones made by the technology firm MI are true to their title.

Mi gadgets offer up to 20 hours of battery life. The 40mm Dynamic driver and the ultra-powerful bass can allow one to listen to up to 300 songs simultaneously. 

Bluetooth 5.0’s fast connectivity and voice control feature make these headphones impressive. 

They also connect with two headphones remotely via Bluetooth, which makes this gadget easily portable. 

Deep and impactful bass is produced by these headphones. 

Its large voice coils and large diaphragms, which can recreate a rock concert experience for the audience, can also be said to spell magic. 

Sound-proof ear muffs made of pressure-free PU material are suitable for music lovers and people who prefer listening to music constantly and at any time. 

Soft and cushiony ear muffs deliver comfort unconditionally and enable ear reduction without straining on the ears. 


Also, the adjustable head beams and flexible shafts to rotate the ear muffs make one customize the listening experience. 

This is a feature that allows users to pick their genre of music and the song of their choice, as well as to make or take important calls. 

You can either use it with a wired or wireless connection that makes it convenient. The device is compatible with all headphones brands. 

There is no doubt that this is the best wireless headphone under the 2000 price range in India.


  • Battery life up to 20 hours
  • Exceptional Bass 
  • 40mm dynamic driver  
  • Coverage up to 10 m with Bluetooth 5.0
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Good sound quality
  • pressure-less earmuffs
  • The warranty period of 6 months

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  • Bluetooth: v4.1
  • Playback Time: 10 Hours
  • Waterproof: N/A
  • Driver Size: 40MM
  • Noise Cancellation: N/A
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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Portronics Muffs Pro wireless headphones provide balanced audio and deep bass you can enjoy extremely well. 

A wireless headphone can be connected to a smartphone or laptop with an AUX cable by either using a wireless connection or an AUX cable.

The headphones have Bluetooth 4.1 for enhanced connectivity. The right ear cup of the headphone has all the control buttons. 

It also allows you to control the volume level, and answer your incoming calls. You can also receive incoming calls by pressing a button along with voice prompts. 

A good voice will be heard amongst the external noises because of the surrounding richness. 

Using the built-in microphone will make it easier for you to talk and be available during the calls.

Its battery is strong enough to allow you to use this wireless headphone for a long time. 

This battery can be fully charged within two hours, lasting for around 10 hours.  

It has 40 mm drivers for these deeper sounds and a frequency response of 20Hz to 20000Hz. Through this, you can undergo every detail of the music.

You can adjust the headbands to fit any head size without any issues. A volume control button is also housed in the ear cups. 

The range of these headphones is approximately 10 meters. In other words, you can listen to your audio within that range. 

The first and foremost choice for you if you wish to get a low-cost wireless headphone with great sound quality would be this.


  • Comfortable design
  • Nice look and premium feel
  • Good sound quality
  • Noise and Echo Cancellation
  • The Bluetooth 4.1 standard
  • Range Up To 33 Feet (10 Meters)
  • Listen to 10 hours of music non-stop
  • Great bass


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  • Bluetooth: v4.2
  • Playback Time: 10 Hours
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Driver Size: 40MM
  • Noise Cancellation: Yes
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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You need to check these wireless headphones from Boult Audio if you’re looking for headphones under 2000 in India. 

With excellent bass and balanced tones, it is also superbly balanced. Compared to many headphones in this price range, this one offers much better sound quality. 

For music lovers and high-quality headphones in search of long battery life, it offers a versatile design. They are available in black color.


Though it has incredible features and sound quality, there are still some problems. 

It’s a little bit hard to tell how good the microphones are on these headphones. Also, there’s a noticeable latency lag sometimes. 

As a result, these headphones make them an unsuitable choice for gamers or for people who intend to use them for calls that do not exceed Rs 2000.

These Boult Audio thunder headphones are definitely the best wireless headphones under 2000 for people on a tight budget and who don’t want to compromise on sound quality.


  • Battery life of up to 10 hours
  • Extra Connector Type-3.5mm available in the box
  • Passive noise cancellation
  • Unparalleled Comfort
  • Portable design
  • IPX5 water-resistant
  • High volume and super bass boost
  • 1-year warranty


  • The length of the Aux is short
  • Latency issues at times

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  • Bluetooth: v4.1 & Wired
  • Playback Time: 20 Hours
  • Waterproof: Only Sweatproof
  • Driver Size: 50MM
  • Noise Cancellation: N/A
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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The next pair of Bluetooth headphones under 2000 that we selected on our list is again from Rockerz. 

Boat RockerZ presented its latest product to the market, the 510 wireless Bluetooth earphones in jazzy blue. 

Brands such as Boat Rockers are well known in the industry for selling audio gear. Boat rockers’ brand earphones are pretty much known by all gadget users. 

The build quality, boult audio, music playback, single charge feature hands-free experience, playback time, voice command, voice calls, tangle-free makes it the best Bluetooth wireless earphones in the Indian market. 

The neckband is stylish and it has a pair life of 10 hours.

510 wireless Bluetooth earphones come with the companies’ signature HD sound quality. The model provides extra bass audio performance. 

The earphones give the listener an experience that was never before imagined. The ear tips of these earphones are good.

510 earphones are compatible with all smartphones from IOS to android.


 It can be easily paired with various devices like tablets, laptops, and other PCs that support wireless Bluetooth connectivity. 

The inner lining of the earpiece with a soft faux leather pad makes it comfortable to wear by the users. 

The earpiece gets easily adjustable to the users by providing the right pressure and comfort that headphone consumers seek. It is one of the best earphones in under 2000 in India.

The design of the 510 boat rocker is classy and stylish. The look and finish of these headphones make them desirable among consumers of all age groups. 

The 510 boat rocker Bluetooth wireless headphone in a jazzy blue color makes it attractive and eye-catching.


  • Charge time-2 hours
  • Playback time up to 24 hrs
  • Bluetooth v4.1 with a range of 10m
  • Good Bass
  • 50mm Drivers with boAt Signature Sound
  • Superb comfortable and soft
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Ergonomic Design with Easy Controls


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  • Bluetooth: v5.0 & Wired
  • Playback Time: 20 Hours
  • Waterproof: Only Sweatproof
  • Driver Size: 40MM
  • Noise Cancellation: N/A
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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A Studio Classic is a pair of over-ear headphones offered by pTron. A lot of value is offered for an affordable price by this brand. 

The products are affordable and have good performance status, and are also decently built.

Lots of different genre uses bass in its music tracks today. Bass-heavy tracks like these sound amazing on the pTron Studio Classic because their sound signature is bassy. 

Moreover, these are over-ear headphones that prevent unwanted sounds from entering your ears since they create a good seal around them.

Large drivers can also produce a better soundstage, another characteristic of headphones with larger drivers. 

There are enough bass frequencies present in the mix to boost all of the other elements. Its midrange is a little distant, while its highs are bright and precise.


The 20-hour battery life can allow you to listen to your beats for a day or two without the need to charge. 

The massive 1000mAh battery takes a long time to charge. Those headphones work with a 3.5mm aux cable, so you don’t need to worry about running out of battery.

A 2DP codec is also supported, which enables a strong and steady connection over Bluetooth 5.0. 

These ear cups can also be folded because they are collapsible. A lot of soft padding is found only on the earcups and not much padding on the headband. 

Still, they’re comfortable enough.


  • Audio Quality Stereo 
  • Lightweight & Ergonomic
  • The latest Bluetooth v5.0
  • Wireless range 10m seamless
  • 20 Hours of Playback
  • Easy & quick pairing
  • Built-in HD microphone


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  • Bluetooth: v5.0 & Wired
  • Playback Time: 20 Hours
  • Waterproof: N/A
  • Driver Size: 50MM
  • Noise Cancellation: Yes
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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The Boat Rockerz 550 headphones have huge earcups that are comfortable and passively noise-isolating. The battery life is also good, lasting around 15 hours.

Boat Rockerz 550 is a pretty durable product. Plastic is used to make the entire body. 

Soft and dense padding is used for both the earcups and the headband, providing a good seal of the ears. A comfortable cushion sits on your head.

This boat claims that the battery can last up to 20 hours, but you’ll find this to be approximately 15 hours. 

The battery life should still be sufficient for users who want to commute with these devices. 

Taking a look at the back of the earcups, the cool design makes them appear more interesting than your average pair of headphones.

When used wirelessly, the headphones offer an aux-in port to be used wired, if you do run out of juice. 

In terms of audio output, the Rockerz 550 is standard. It has a good bass sound, but it does not overpower. 


The speaker is equipped with 50mm, dynamic drivers that deliver a pretty decent consumer-friendly sound.

A lightweight design also makes the headphones easy to use. As for portability, the earcups do not collapse inwards, but they are still quite portable. 

It is possible to rotate the earcup with ease, and its control buttons are presented in an easily accessible location. 

Music controls such as volume and pause/play are available.


  • Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity
  • 50mm dynamic drivers
  • playback times up to 20 hours.
  • Physical Noise Isolation
  • 500 mAh battery
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Super comfortable

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  • Bluetooth: v4.0 & Wired
  • Playback Time: 6 Hours
  • Waterproof: Only Sweatproof
  • Driver Size: 40MM
  • Noise Cancellation: N/A
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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The Sound One brand is the newest entry in the world of sound equipment but provides some outstanding headphones. 

A wireless headphone from Sound One in this price range is one of the best. These can both be used wirelessly and with a wire. 

The headphone battery can be moved in either direction based on your need and the charge level.

There are usually four different types as Black, White, Red, and Blue.  The adjustable ear cups and soft padding come standard with this lightweight wireless headphone. 

This product has amazing colors and an ear cup lining that makes it really attractive. Also, it looks nice and lustrous.

An integrated FM Radio and SD card slot are provided with this headphone. 

The ear cups of these headphones house all the controllers, power switches, inputs, and outputs.

This great set of headphones provides crisp and clear sound, even at a low level for the sound to be effective. 

However, the bass can be felt extremely deep, so listeners can feel it all for sure. 

This is the perfect option if you like to listen to music and are looking for wireless headphones with good bass. 

Wireless headphones like this have all the features that someone like you would need.

Its most impressive features include its CSR Bluetooth 4.0 technology, its superlative wireless range of 33 feet, as well as its built-in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. 

In just 1.5 hours, the battery can be fully charged. The playback time is around 6 hours on a single charge. It has a standby time of 30 hours as well.


  • Bluetooth 4.0 technology
  • passive noise cancellation
  • Surprisingly powerful bass
  • Connects quickly and easily
  • Sound output is clear
  • Built-in microphone
  • 6 hours of playback
  • multi-functional button 
  • Standby time of up to 30 hours


  • Charging cable isn’t long

Choosing the best wireless headphones under 2000 Rs is made easy with this article since it adequately guides in choosing out the best options in a well-mannered way. 

With plenty of options, one can choose between Bluetooth headsets and over-the-ear headphones with headsets and microphones to earpieces without a microphone. 

There are lots of categories on this list, so you can put anything in any category you want. Thus, one can select the right option.

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