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TWS or Neckband Earphones: Which Wireless Earphones You Should Choose?

In the modern world, where most smartphones do not have a headphone jack, wireless earphones are the most popular accessories. 

As a lifestyle choice, wireless earphones have also become popular.

The Apple iPhone had its proprietary earpods that connected to charging ports through lightning connectors, and Android phones shifted to earphones that connect via a Type C USB port. 

But, this caused problems for most people since they could only charge their phones or use their earphones. Companies began developing wireless earphones to resolve this problem.

Although Bluetooth wireless earphones have been available for many years, they became popular only after Apple released the AirPods, and today there are a huge number of wireless earbuds available on the market. 

True Wireless Stereo Earphones (TWS) and Neckband Earphones are the two types of wireless earphones that are most widely available.

Although both of these earphones are wireless, they have some important differences.

This article will discuss both TWS and Neckband Earphones

But first, it is important to understand the technology behind TWS and Neckband earphones, specifically Bluetooth.

Let’s get started.

About Bluetooth

Wireless earphones are now possible only due to Bluetooth. A short-link radio technology developed by Ericsson Mobile was designed by Nils Rydbeck. 

Using radio waves, Bluetooth enables the communication between fixed and mobile devices. 

Smartphones and laptops have all be Bluetooth-enabled in 2021, indicating how far the technology has progressed.

The first Bluetooth devices were relatively slow, and it took a long time to connect one device to another and exchange information. 

With new technology, however, we now have faster Bluetooth technologies. 

Currently, the Bluetooth 5.1 standard is the latest standard. 

Do you know who’s responsible for developing new versions of Bluetooth? 

Since Bluetooth is an open industry standard, anyone can use it, ensuring that the technology would reach a different market. 

Ericsson, Intel, Nokia, Toshiba, and IBM become member companies of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. At the present moment, this group has over 35000 members. 

Those members have all worked together to develop the latest Bluetooth versions that we use today.

There are now so many wireless peripherals, including keyboards, mice, headphones, etc., thanks to Bluetooth. 

Wireless connectivity wouldn’t be possible without Bluetooth, which is why it plays such a crucial role. 

Why Wireless Earphones?

Wireless is the future, and that is why. Throughout your daily life, you will find many electronic devices that were once wired, such as printers, landline phones, chargers, headphones, and earphones, which have all been made wireless.

Wireless devices are more efficient than wired ones since they do not limit your mobility. Usually, when using a wired device, you have to stay in one place. 

For example, if you have wired earphones, you need to keep your phone close at hand all the time, but with wireless ones, you can move around without being tied to your phone. 

Wireless earphones are also better than traditional earphones because of their convenience or ease of use.

If sound quality is your main concern, don’t worry because wireless technology has advanced to where wireless earphones sound the same and, in some cases, even better than wired ones. 

Now, let’s talk about the two most common types of wireless earphones available today, which are TWS and Neckband earphones.

TWS Earphones

In the market for wireless earphones, you will find True Wireless Stereo (TWS) as one of the types to consider. 

There are a lot of people who use these types of earphones since they have no wires. 

For those unfamiliar with TWS earphones, Apple Airpods are an example. Without a doubt, they are the most popular TWS earphone or earbuds in the entire world. 

Using Bluetooth signals to transfer sound, TWS earphones use the latest technology. Wires are not required in this case. 

As opposed to other earphones, TWS earphones are independent of the media source to which they are connected. 

For example, there’s no wire connecting the left and right earphones; they’re both completely separate, and neither are they attached to your phone whatsoever. 

Connecting the TWS earphones to your smartphone is done via a Bluetooth chip.

TWS earphones connect to media sources in different ways. Methods depend on accessories as well as brands. 

TWS earphones are usually equipped with one earbud, which acts as your main source of connecting two media sources. 

When they are connected, the primary earbud will first send a signal to the source and then the second earbud will receive that signal. 

In a second option, you can connect both earbuds simultaneously instead of passing the signal from one to the other. 

TWS technology is not limited to earphones, even though they are the most popular device with this technology. 

The TWS technology has also been applied to speakers, remote controls, and the development of true wireless charging.

Neckband Earphones

Nowadays, more and more people wear earphones around their necks instead of in their pockets. 

Some people call these earphones Neckband earphones, Collar earphones, etc. No matter what you call them, the purpose remains the same. 

You will find that Neckband earphones are among the most convenient earphones available in the market. The device combines wireless headphones with wired earphones. 

These wires dangle from the earphones and are linked around the neck. Link the left and right earphones together with this.

At the neckband, where the earphones connect, all the magic happens. 

To ensure these earphones last a long time, all the electrical components and the battery are housed in the neckband. 

Convenience is another great reason to love neckband earphones. Having no wires going from your ears to your smartphone allows you to open doors with ease without worrying about your earphones popping out or being ripped accidentally. 

It is better to use neckband earphones rather than wired earphones because you need not worry about them tangling up and you can utilize them when not in use.

Active and outdoors people usually wear these headphones since it does not fall down and will still be hanging by your neck even if it does.

Which One Is Right For You?

Between Neckbands and TWSs, there are so many options in the Indian market that it isn’t as easy as it seems. 

Each of the products has some features missing, which is why we have made a comparison between both types of earphones. 

True Wireless Stereo Earphones (TWS)

Compact in size and cordless in design, TWS earphones provide maximum comfort and you don’t have to worry about any wire getting tangled or stuck, as there are no wires to get in the way.

In addition to their premium design, TWS earphones will fit snugly in your ears. In some cases, you may forget that you are wearing them. 

The TWS earphones provide easy connectivity. While resting in your ear canals, the earphones can be easily connected to any Bluetooth device like smartphones, laptops. 

Even after wearing them for a long time, their lightweight design does not feel uncomfortable. 

People might think you’re talking to yourself when you answer calls and speak through the TWS earphones. It is because of their small size. 

It varies from one brand to another in terms of the audio quality of TWS earphones. 

Premium TWS earphones deliver sound better than cheaper alternatives, like Apple AirPods Pro, while less expensive alternatives do not usually provide the best sound.

Furthermore, TWS earphones come with convenient controls that are built into the buds, so switching tracks, pausing, playing, and changing the volume is very easy. 

Due to their small size, people think TWS earphones also have weak batteries. They can however last quite a long time. 

You can also keep your TWS earphones charged when traveling with the dedicated charging case included with the earphones. You can easily slip the case into your pocket because it is so compact. 

The only downside is that since these earphones are so small, they tend to get lost quite easily, and then it can get quite difficult to track them down. 

TWS earphones have improved over time in terms of the calling experience. 

This is an issue because the mic is located on the earbuds and can prevent the microphone from picking up on what is being spoken. 

By positioning a neckband closer to our mouth, this issue can be dramatically reduced with Neckband earphones.

TWS earphones have another advantage in that you can wear one earphone while keeping the other in its case. 

On the other hand, Neckband earphones are not capable of this since both earbuds are attached to the neckband.

Advantages of TWS Earphones

  • Totally wireless 
  • An elegant design 
  • Wire damage is eliminated 
  • Compact and lightweight 
  • Travel case with cum charging 
  • A simple way to connect 
  • Using a single earbud is possible 
  • Controls on the ear

Disadvantages of TWS Earphones

  • Lose easily 
  • Poor calling experience 
  • Battery life is shorter than Neckband earphones

Neckband Earphones

People are increasingly seen wearing futuristic collars with earphones that protrude from them. 

The collar or neckband earphones are more convenient than standard headphones and are usually designed to fit in your ear. 

But even though these are Bluetooth earphones, they are always connected by a wire. 

Furthermore, the ear tip of these buds usually has a magnetic hook so you can snap them together while not using them.  

As a result, you will not be losing the buds, and the buds will always be hanging over your neck, ready for use whenever you need them. 

When going on a trek, traveling, or taking a stroll in the evening, these earphones are preferred. 

The battery of these earphones is also generally much larger than that of TWS earphones thanks to the neckband. Thus, charging them frequently is not necessary.

Several controls are located on the neckband, such as volume, play, and pause. It’s not quite as easy as tapping or swiping the earbuds like with TWS, but they still work well.

In terms of durability, the Neckband Earphones do not require safekeeping, but you should not use them rough since any damage to the neckband or wire will negatively affect the overall functionality.

TWS earphones are completely wireless, so this isn’t an issue. 

Furthermore, TWS earphones feature a microphone that is located right in the earbud itself. In this case, our mouths are far from the microphone. 

Furthermore, the mic is typically located on the neckband of Neckband earphones, which is also distant from the mouth, although with TWS earphones it is not possible to bring it closer. 

In comparison with earphones of the same price range, Neckband earphones usually have a better audio quality than TWS earphones. This is not to say that TWS earphones do not sound good.

Advantages of Neckband Earphones

  • Compared to TWS earphones, the battery is bigger 
  • Is not easy to lose 
  • Compared to TWS earphones, the calling experience is better 
  • Magnetic ear tips for keeping earbuds together 
  • Suitable for active users who travel, trek, and walk 
  • When not in use, leave the collar on 
  • Connectivity is easy 
  • Wearable and comfortable 

Disadvantages of Neckband Earphones

  • This is not compact 
  • The travel case is not included 
  • Earbuds are linked by wires

Are wireless earphones worth it?

In fact, wireless earphones are extremely expensive in comparison to wired earphones. 

The reason for this is that they rely on technology, but are they worth the price, and how do the TWS and Neckband earphones compare when it comes to pricing. 

Today, TWS earphones can be found starting at prices as low as Rs.2,000, while the more premium TWS earphones can cost up to Rs.10,000. 

Despite their higher cost, Neckband earphones still offer better sound quality and are more affordable than TWS  earphones. 

For example, if TWS and neckband earphones are priced around Rs.2,000 each, usually the Neckband earphone provides better sound. 

There are times when Neckband earphones provide better sound quality than TWS that are more expensive. 

Consequently, Neckband earphones offer the most value when it comes to price-to-performance ratios. 

TWS earphones are a great option if you don’t care much about sound quality and instead want something more portable and fully wireless. 

What about the question of if wireless earphones are worth it? Answers to this question vary from one use case to another, but in general, yes. 

A premium pair of TWS or neckband earphones will give you better audio quality than wired earphones if money isn’t a problem.

We hope that this article has answered all your questions regarding TWS and Neckband earphones. There are both advantages and disadvantages to these wireless earphones. 

For those that are on a tight budget, we suggest that Neckband Earphones will be the better choice, and for those not concerned about their budget, TWS earphones are a good option.

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