Best TWS Earbuds Under 3000 Rs (2023)

Today, the most popular accessory for audio is a truly wireless earbud set. Their size, weight, and portability make them perfect for travelling. Plus they are more affordable than ever.

At one point, we did not have many budget choices. With time, they have become more affordable and improved so much. 

Even some earbuds with a price tag under Rs 3000 have a noise suppression feature.

So, if you’re searching for the best truly wireless earbuds under 3000 Rs, here’s a list for you.

10 Best TWS Earbuds Under 3000 Rs

  • Bluetooth: v5.0
  • Playback Time: 15 Hours
  • Waterproof: Only Sweatproof
  • Driver Size: 10MM
  • Noise Cancellation: Yes
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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The OnePlus Buds Z competes against the likes of Realme and Xiaomi with its entry-level TWS earbud.

With a price of under Rs.3,000, the OnePlus Buds Z is remarkably loaded with features, and its output is tonally balanced.

This is an entirely plastic construction, made with high-quality plastic.

Like the TWS earbuds from Mi, the stem design on the earbud looks similar, but the stem thickness is much smaller here.

An attractive round pebble design encloses a magnetic mechanism that opens and closes the charging case. 

Outside the case, a single LED indicates the battery’s charge and the battery’s condition.

It has both a USB charging port and a pairing button placed on the back.

Designed with IP55 certification, this TWS earbud is suitable for exercises such as jogging or going to the gym without having to worry about dust, sweat, or light water splashes.

It is surprising to hear how well-balanced its sound produced is when compared to the bass-heavy signature we were expecting.


The bass present in this track is mellow while the vocals and trebles stand out clearly.

The OnePlus Buds Z is a good choice for people who enjoy listening to all genres of music but are not bass heads.

When indoors, the quality is excellent, but don’t expect the same result outdoors where ambient noise can be overwhelming.

With the HeyMelodies app that can be downloaded from your play store, you can customize this TWS earbud with touch-sensitive controls.

You can play music for up to five hours at a moderate volume level using just one full charge of the OnePlus Buds Z.

The portable charging case will allow you to fully charge your earbuds in three separate charges.

You can listen to music for up to 2 hours with just 10 minutes of charging with this earbud from OnePlus.

One Plus Buds Z is a feature-rich in-ear style TWS earbud that offers decent battery life and balanced sound output.


  • Fits ergonomically in the ears
  • The output is well balanced
  • Gaming audio with low latencies
  • Up to 5 hours of battery life
  • HeyMelody companion app support
  • Water-resistant and dust-proof IP55


  • Volume control not available
  • The earpieces have limited controls

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  • Bluetooth: v5.0
  • Playback Time: 30 Hours
  • Waterproof: Only Sweatproof
  • Driver Size: 10MM
  • Noise Cancellation: Yes
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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The Mivi technology company is an Indian company specializing in wireless audio accessories, such as Bluetooth speakers and neckbands.

A budget TWS earbud from Mivi that supports AptX, the DuoPods M80 retails in the Indian market for an affordable budget under Rs.2,000.

Mivi DuoPods M80 comes with a plastic charging case that is rounded rectangular in shape. 

Construction quality doesn’t inspire, however, the affordable price tag enables it to be quite acceptable.

The best part about this charging case is that it has a modern Type-C charger at the back. A battery-level indicator is front and center, along with four LEDs.

A stem-shaped pair of TWS earbuds appears when you open the case. Honestly, the shiny plastic finish of these earbuds makes them feel cheap.

Earbuds designed for in-ear use are more secure and do not fall out of your ears easily.

If water resistance is an issue for you, the DuoPods M80 is IPX4 certified.

Featuring a 6mm dynamic driver, the Mivi DuoPods M80 covers an impressive frequency response range of 20Hz to 20KHz.


Vocals and treble notes give this song a distinct and sharp sound, while bass notes appear rich and detailed.

A lot of music genres are supported by the DuoPod M80 because of the AptX codec.

Each earbud has a microphone on both sides. This device is thus flexible enough so that you can use it either in normal and monopod configurations.

With these TWS earbuds, voice calls come out decently. No major distortion appears on either end when used inside.

A single full charge of the Mivi DuoPods M80 earbuds should give them a six-hour use time.

You can top up your earbuds four times with the charging case included.

The earbuds in the charging case take approximately 2.30 hours to fully charge with a standard 1A charger.

Mivi DuoPods M80 is lightweight and well-balanced budget-priced TWS earbuds that support AptX.


  • AptX codec support
  • Sound output with good balance
  • A decent voice call quality
  • Lightweight form factor
  • Type-C charging port
  • Integration with voice assistants


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  • Bluetooth: v5.0
  • Playback Time: 24 Hours
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Driver Size: 6MM
  • Noise Cancellation: Yes
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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Boult Audio Airbass is a popular TWS earbuds lineup among Indian customers, offering decent sound quality at an affordable price.

The Airbass Propod retails for Rs.2,199 in India and is an entry-level TWS earbud.

A minimalist design with rounded corners and a matte finish exterior of the Airbass Propods with a charging case enhance its aesthetics.

LEDs on the front of the case alert you to how much battery remains.

Unless you’re trying to remove the earbuds, you won’t be able to open the magnetically sealed case accidentally.

Considering the short stem design, the earbuds are comparable to Apple Airpods.

Despite there being no issues at all, these earbuds fit comfortably inside the ear canal without a problem.

Boult Audio Airbass Propods feature the newest charging technology, based on USB Type-C, at the bottom of the charging case.

With 6mm neodymium drivers inside, as well as a bass-heavy sound signature, the Boult Audio Airbass Propods deliver an impressive listening experience.

It doesn’t mean that nothing sounds worse, but the bass sometimes overpowers the vocals and treble notes.


In this price range, TWS earbuds achieve an overall sound quality similar to what we would expect from them.

It’s little to no latency so you won’t even notice the lag while watching videos or listening to music.

An in-built microphone in this earbud makes voice calls of decent quality when used indoors.

With nano-coating, these IPX5 rated wireless earbuds are protected from sweat and drizzles.

These budget-priced Boult Audio earbuds available for less than Rs.3,000 are claimed to offer up to 5.5 hours of playtime on a single full charge.

Battery life can range anywhere between 22-24 hours with the charging case, which can recharge the earbuds four times.

The Boult Audio Airbass Propods is a great choice if you require bass-heavy TWS earbuds with good battery life and decent build quality.


  • An aesthetically pleasing, minimalist design
  • Monopod functionality
  • Quick auto-pairing
  • Passive Noise Cancellation
  • A bassy sound signature
  • Comfortable in-ear fit
  • IPX5 water-resistant
  • Modern Type-C charging port


  • Bass is overpowering sometimes

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  • Bluetooth: v5.0
  • Playback Time: 150 Hours
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Driver Size: 6MM
  • Noise Cancellation: Yes
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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When it comes to headphones and earphones, boAt is a name that needs no introduction.

Almost all price ranges of the company’s models sell on the Indian market like hotcakes.

BoAt airdopes 441 Pro is a truly wireless earbud that is priced very competitively at around Rs.2,999. They compete with much more expensive counterparts in terms of sound quality.

This airdope is completely made of plastic. Its price tag has made it obvious just how expensive it is.

Although the charging case and the earbuds themselves feel a bit matte and black, they are quite okay in hand.

A four-LED charging indicator can be found on the outside, which indicates the device’s status.

There are almost no differences between this earbud design and the other TWS earbuds featured in this price segment. 

A rubber padded ear hook supports the earpiece for a better fit inside the ear canals.

Aside from being intuitive and functional, the earbuds’ multi-function touch-sensitive buttons also provide responsive feedback.

Compared to the 8mm and 10mm speaker drivers on other earbuds, the new boAt airdopes 441 Pro features a 6mm speaker driver.

The 6mm sizes might fool people, but don’t get fooled by the numbers. They sound just as good as the other products we reviewed in this list.

We found these bass drivers to deliver one of the best basses in the segment.

There is more than enough volume and clarity in both the vocals and treble notes, resulting in an immersive experience.

Even at maximum volume levels, there is surprisingly good separation between the instruments and tones.


With IPX7 water resistance, the boAt 441 Pro is water-resistant. Therefore, these wireless earbuds can be used anywhere without having to take them off.

It features voice assistant triggers that allow smartphone actions to be controlled remotely within the 10m range using touch-sensitive earbuds.

The budget TWS earbuds are equipped with IWP (Instant Wake and Pair). After they are paired with your device, the earbuds automatically connect when the lid is opened.

The new IWP works pretty well with the 441 Pro, but it gets pretty close to the instantaneous connection with the BoAt air dopes.

The voice call quality indoors is pretty decent when using the inline microphone but really lacks outdoors.

A single charge of this 35mAh battery can last up to five hours with moderate volume levels.

Moreover, the portable charging case has a capacity of 2600mAh, allowing the users to use it multiple times as well as reverse charge other devices due to the type C connector.

You need to check out this music if you prefer bass-heavy music.

With better bass notes than most other truly wireless earbuds in its price segment, the boAt airdopes 441 Pro brings a punch of bass.


  • Type C charging port
  • Pairing and Instant-Wake
  • Charging reversal feature
  • Better noise reduction
  • IPX7 water resistance
  • Bass-heavy sound production
  • Up to 5 hours of battery life


  • Volume control not available

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  • Bluetooth: v5.0
  • Playback Time: 24 Hours
  • Waterproof: Only Sweatproof
  • Driver Size: 6MM
  • Noise Cancellation: Yes
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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The Indian market offers a wide range of smartphone accessories made by the lesser-known brand QOR9.

It’s time to get familiar with this product since the company provides lots of features and specifications for a relatively low-cost tag.

Its build quality really surprised us as well, to be honest. This device’s build material is plastic but features a textured matte finish that gives the device a premium appearance and feels.

These truly wireless budget earbuds have an elegant look and feel that is very pleasing to the eye.

The charging case features a micro USB charging port, and that is one of the problems with these TWS earbuds for the price.

The earbuds themselves are of high quality. These earbuds are very responsive to simple taps with their soft-touch buttons.

With their in-ear design, these earbuds provide significant increases in comfort and a reduction in ear fatigue.

Speaker drivers with neodymium magnets deliver remarkably loud and clear sound in the QOR9 W1S.

Soft vocals and clear treble notes work well with the wide-range bass notes without overpowering them.

There is a very good overall level of stage separation which will enable users to experience music by any genre with satisfaction.


There are lots of high-quality codecs you can use for streaming on QOR9 W1S, including AAC, SBC, and AptX.

You will get the best possible audio quality while listening to the music.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chip powers these truly wireless earbuds, which are ideal for travelers.

Moreover, the Bluetooth v5.0 ensures a secure, energy-efficient wireless connection within 10m.

Using these earbuds as single earbuds or stereo mode as a stereo pair is at your discretion.

Powered by a 40mAh inbuilt battery, these truly wireless earbuds can last anywhere between 5 – 6 hours after just a single charge.

Battery life is extended by three times by using the charging case, which is powered by a 600mAh battery.

QOR9 W1S is one of the best truly wireless earbuds in its segment if you don’t care about brand names. It comes in a range of colors and is available for a starting price of Rs.3,000.

This purchase is well worth your money because of its long battery life and clear, loud sound.


  • Intuitive touch controls
  • Touch-sensitive buttons
  • IPX5 waterproof
  • Excellent sound quality
  • aptX codec support
  • Battery life up to 6 hours


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  • Bluetooth: v5.0
  • Playback Time: 17 Hours
  • Waterproof: Only Sweatproof
  • Driver Size: 13MM
  • Noise Cancellation: N/A
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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The newly launched Mi TWS 2 airpod style earbuds in India are direct competition for Realme’s Buds Neo.

Buds Neo is a stripped-down version of its elder brother, the Buds Air 2. We have already discussed Buds Air 2 in our guide to the Best wireless earbuds in India.

Almost the same as the Apple AirPods, the Realme Buds Neo resemble the Buds Air 2.

The build of these earbuds isn’t anything great, they’re made from good quality plastic, but that’s about it.

To say the least, they seem good for the price. The earbuds fit inside the ear canals for the most part, but those who have smaller ears may have some difficulty with them.

Instead of the newer USB Type C charging port, the case offers a micro-USB port, which is kind of a letdown.

Nowadays, most devices come with USB Type C so that you will have to carry a micro USB cable separately just to charge the device.

A large 13mm speaker driver is used in the Realme Buds Neo with an increased emphasis on bass.


With deep, rich bass and nice high notes, the overall sound profile seems quite decent for the price.

Sound distortion does not occur even at louder volumes, which is a great thing considering the price of this earbud.

In-ear detection is not available with the Bud’s Neo. When you pull out the earbuds from your ears, the audio will not stop automatically.

The secondary mic for noise cancellation is also lacking. This earpiece offers lag-free audio during gaming sessions, however, thanks to its low latency technology.

With a single charge, the earbuds last up to 3 hours. In total, approximately 15 hours of playback are included, including the case.

It takes the earbuds and charging case 2 hours to fully charge from zero to a hundred.

The Realme Buds Neo is a super cheap true wireless earbud that is simple to use.

The Realme Buds Neo is a great option for under Rs 3000, retaining a feature for low latency gaming, decent sound quality, and acceptable battery life.


  • The Apple AirPods design
  • Build quality is decent
  • The Bluetooth v5.0 standard
  • Low latency gaming mode
  • A clean bass output
  • Three hours of battery life

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  • Bluetooth: v4.2
  • Playback Time: 12 Hours
  • Waterproof: Only Sweatproof
  • Driver Size: 8MM
  • Noise Cancellation: Yes
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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Noise has stayed with the older Noise Shots in the Shots Sport earbuds coming under the price range of Rs 3000. 

With the same bar-shaped charging case and the best sound quality at this price, the earbuds look just as good.

According to its looks, Shots sport seems like a worthwhile investment. However, they lack additional protection of ear hooks, even though they look stylish. 

These rectangular charging cases open with a slide and look premium.

Those earbuds have a multi-function button at the back. The buttons are large and click quite nicely. 

Each earbud has a pairing indicator LED to let you know they’re paired. They’re great for skipping tracks or answering calls. 


It came in IPX4 which is quite substandard in comparison to some higher-rated options in this range. 

Protects earbuds from sweat without splashing water on them. With a balanced tone with accurate instrument separation, Shots sport is a great pick for sporting music. 

You can adjust the volume on the earbuds pretty loudly as long as you keep it below 85% volume.

There was a subtle bass when it was introduced and this pair is not suitable for bass lovers. Call’s audio quality is sub-par due to the mic’s tiny size. 

True wireless earbuds under 3000 usually have quite average mics, although sometimes receivers would complain of low volume output.

Listening to songs on continuous 60% volume would provide you with a modest 3-hour battery backup.


  • A Bluetooth 5.0 standard
  • Water-resistant IPX4
  • A super-stable sport fit
  • Three hours battery backup with a case.
  • Noise cancellation is great
  • 1-year warranty

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  • Bluetooth: v5.0
  • Playback Time: 24 Hours
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Driver Size: 12MM
  • Noise Cancellation: Yes
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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Noise is an Indian audio manufacturer that launched many affordable and efficient audio solutions in the audio industry.

Noise has released the Noise Shot Rush exercise-focused wireless earbuds under an estimated price tag of Rs.3,000 in the Indian market. 

It is recommended for those who feel uncomfortable keeping wireless earphones in their ears. 

During workout sessions and jogging, the earbuds are held securely in place. Therefore, they won’t fall off your ears easily.

Plastic earbuds and silicone eartips are manufactured by the company with an excellent quality of plastic. The top of the case has a soft-touch finish.

With the large earbuds, the case itself is pretty bulky, making it pretty difficult to carry in the trouser pocket.

Since ear hooks offer an improved secure fit around the ear, the earbuds would weigh approximately 8.8 grams, creating a more comfortable experience when running or exercising with them.

The noise shot is equipped with 12mm drivers and delivers a warm, pleasant sound when listening to music.

In terms of bass, the speakers deliver decent bass while delivering not too much volume and no distortion at full volume.

It provides a smooth and sound experience for your ears thanks to its clear vocals and high tones.

Using these earbuds you can listen to music in three different equalizers: classic, pop, and rock.


It delivers good sound separation for the price segment, and the overall sound quality is decent.

During a single charge, each earbud comes with a 6-hour low-cost rarely best battery life, and the charging case enables you to charge them constantly for up to 18 hours or more.

The Noise Shots Run’s battery life is quite good, considering its price range. A micro USB port has been provided by the company.

An IPX5 rating prevents water splashing as well as sweaty workouts and jogging.

Designed with full-touch gesture controls to control music and voice volume, these truly wireless earbuds are easy to use with simple gestures.

No issue with Bluetooth 5.0, earbuds and device can be connected up to 10 meters without issue.

Among other features, the Noise Shots Runs offers a Low latency mode that enhances gaming.

With features like an IPX5 waterproof rating, touch controls, Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility, and a decent microphone, the Noise Shots Run is the best earbuds for fitness enthusiasts.

If you’re searching for the best wireless earbud for jogging, the Noise Shot’s Run is a good choice for Rs.3,000.


  • Overall, a pleasant sound
  • Adaptive touch controls
  • 3 genre-specific EQ presents and Game Mode
  • A secure fit
  • Codec support for AAC and SBC
  • The latest Bluetooth V5.0


  • A bulky charging case
  • USB Micro Port

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  • Bluetooth: v4.2
  • Playback Time: 40 Hours
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Driver Size: N/A
  • Noise Cancellation: Yes
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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Anker is an American brand best known for its high-quality audio products including wireless earphones, headphones, speakers, and Bluetooth earphones.

Among the most popular Truly Wireless earbuds available in the market right now is the Soundcore Life note, popular for its sound output and features. 

Soundcore’s Life Note has a truly impressive build quality and feels extremely lightweight and comfortable.

A pebble pattern is seen on the top of the charging case, which has a matte finish. 

Designed in a sludge-like shape to ensure a great fit inside the ear, the Earbuds are very small and decently made. 

Earbuds are comfortable to wear for a long time with no issues due to their lightweight and comfort. Soundcore Life note’s build quality is decent, it doesn’t feel cheaper.

The Soundcore Life Note is equipped with 6mm graphene drivers, aptX support, and BassUp technology that ensure excellent sound quality for watching movies online.

A single earbud that features 6mm graphene drivers delivers punchy and natural bass sound, and it does not overpower the mids and trebles.

Music lovers can enjoy the trebles and vocals well. For the price, you get a good audiophile experience with these earbuds.

The Soundcore Life Note is equipped with dual microphones in each earbud, with the result being an excellent calling experience. 

The microphone works fine both indoors and outdoors.

The SoundCore Life note earbuds have a playtime range of up to 6 hours on a single charge. 

With an 810 mAh battery cell inside of the charging case, the SoundCore Life note offers up to 36-40 hours of battery life.

In just 10 minutes, Soundcore claims the earbuds can last an hour.

Battery life is the SoundCore Life Note’s most important selling point, which makes it one of the top-selling products on the market.

SoundCore Life Note is protected from moisture and sweat with an IPX5 rating.

Instead of using the touch control function, it has a button control that feels uncomfortable to press, with the result that the earbuds go inside the ear when you press it.

However, they come with a button to access Google Voice without any problems.

With its 6mm graphene drivers, enhanced sound signature, and BassUp technology, Soundcore Life Note delivers a pleasant sound output at a great value.

One of the best truly wireless earbuds under Rs.3,000 has an impressive battery and decent build quality, so this product will be a great choice.


  • Good sound output
  • Comfortable and lightweight fit 
  • Excellent battery life 
  • Physical controls
  • aptX support and BassUp technology
  • Build quality is excellent
  • Type-C charging port


  • No touch controls
  • Treble notes get dull rarely

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  • Bluetooth: v5.0
  • Playback Time: 12 Hours
  • Waterproof: N/A
  • Driver Size: 6MM
  • Noise Cancellation: Yes
  • Calling Mic: Yes

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Philips is one of the most innovative and leading consumer electronics companies in the world.

Speakers, headphones, and earphones make up their audio collection, and they are considered among the top picks by Indian consumers. 

These TWS are among the best under 3000 that have a minimalistic design with excellent sound quality. 

The feather-light design of these earbuds makes them easy to carry wherever you want. 

The earbuds are perfectly fitting on your ears, so they don’t fall off easily and are comfortable to wear. 

When plugged into ears, the earbuds don’t look bulky, since they are appropriately sized to appear as natural as possible.

There are tactile buttons in both earbuds, allowing you to activate your voice assistant and perform other tasks. 

The earphones themselves have a durable design and come with a convenient carry case that’s still ultra-lightweight.

A black matte color scheme adds a pleasing touch to this design.

You can also keep track of the remaining battery life with the LED on the charging case. This makes it one of the best True Wireless Earbuds for under 3000.

Philips Upbeat is equipped with 6mm neodymium drivers which deliver clear sound and strong bass.

Every kind of music can be heard on these Airpods, as they sound extremely good on every type of music.

Whether you listen to music or watch movies with these earbuds on your ears, you will get a great immersive experience. 

Voice clarity is impressive and with a well-balanced band, you are sure to enjoy the audio. 


Only High volume levels are capable of providing average bass on these earbuds. Therefore, bass lovers may be disappointed in the performance. 

It is possible to block out ambient sounds passively with the earbuds, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in music. 

A single charge of Phillips earbuds will enable you to listen to music for approximately 12 hours.

The charging case has an additional 9 hours of battery life, whereas the earbuds themselves can manage 3 hours of battery life at maximum.

After the batteries have run out in your earbuds, it will take them about 2 hours to charge in the charging case.

The charging case will not be able to charge your batteries more than twice at this rate. 

Phillips could’ve done a more effective job on this. But it’s still decent enough.

You won’t face issues with latency or distortions with the earbuds because they have Bluetooth 5.0.

Mono mode saves battery life because you can only use one earpiece at a time.

The microphone is used to deliver impressive and powerful performances. Because it is equipped with an echo cancellation system, the background noises are eliminated. 

There are many ways to use your voice assistant. You can activate it to help you make calls, set reminders, answer questions, and so much more.


  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Premium Looks and Design
  • LED indicator
  • Secure, comfortable fit
  • Passive noise isolation
  • 3 hours playtime on a single charge
  • The latest Bluetooth 5.0
  • Amazing Sound quality


  • Battery life can be improved

Conclusion | Best TWS  Earbuds Under 3000 Rs

As a result, the above list gives an idea about how to choose your favorite earbuds; you should take into consideration the cost, battery life, design, sound quality, and value for money. 

True wireless earbuds are becoming quite popular nowadays. The number of people falling in love with this accessory is growing each year. 

Whenever you wear wireless earbuds, you must know that they have to feel comfortable. They should also fit correctly into your ear and should have a tight-fitting earbud seal.  

So, these are the Best Truly Wireless (TWS) Earbuds Under 3000 Rs in India. Make your purchase only after you are satisfied with these aspects.

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